Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium 2024 Call For Papers

Join us in person on Friday, March 22, 2024 for the 30th Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium, presented by Carleton’s Department of History. This year’s theme is Echoes: Memory, Narrativity, and Dimensions of Historical Discourse. Our goal is to promote emerging research by graduate students that considers the ways in which we approach historical writing in and beyond the academy.

To mark the Underhill Graduate Colloquium’s 30th iteration, this year’s theme, ‘Echoes,’ signals an intention to elicit conversation on the role of memory and narrativity in constructing the contours of historical discourse. It also invites reflection on how events reverberate through time, influencing and renegotiating collective memory in the present. Scholarship in these fields has preoccupied thinkers in a range of different areas of inquiry. 

Just as echoes can be shaped by the contours of a landscape, the dimensions of historical discourse are guided by how both narrative and memory are positioned, remembered, and transmitted. The relationship between history and memory, collective and individual, has opened profitable and often contested avenues for inquiry. In turn narrativity – how stories are told and retold – has unlocked epistemic space for scrutiny, reevaluation, and creation. 

In light of this year’s theme, we invite MA and PhD submissions from all disciplines that consider the following: 

  1. Memory (i.e. individual, collective, and/or public memory, how we remember the past and from what angles, etc.) 
  2. Narrativity (i.e. how we construct and interpret historical events through storytelling)
  3. Dimensions (i.e. theoretical perspectives and angles, time and space, breadth and scope of analysis, interdisciplinarity, etc.) 

We are particularly interested in papers that explore the intersections of these themes and their impact on historical writing. We welcome submissions in all disciplines on history-related topics spanning the spectrum of disciplines, methodologies, and formats. In addition to graduate work, the colloquium will feature keynote presentations that will probe the contours of memory and narrativity through distinct prisms and disciplinary positions.


Underhill 2024 Planning Committee 

Eugene Henry (he/him)
Co-Chair, Underhill Colloquium
1st Year PhD, History 

Shannon Wong (she/her)
Co-Chair, Underhill Colloquium
2nd Year MA, History

The Underhill Colloquium is a graduate student-run conference spotlighting MA and PhD student work, with keynote presentations from respected historians and scholars. The Underhill Colloquium is made possible by the generous contribution of the Frank H. Underhill donation. We accept all submissions. Priority goes to Carleton students. 

We wish to acknowledge that this Colloquium (and Carleton itself) takes place on the traditional and unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabek First Nation, whose presence here reaches back to time immemorial.