An Interdisciplinary Symposium in History

March 1st and 2nd, 2002

Friday, March 1st, 2002

Room 433 Paterson Hall

Opening Remarks: Professor Bruce Elliott
Supervisor of Graduate Studies, History

12:30-1:20 · Session 1 – Policy Formation
Vadim Koukouchkine, History, Carleton. “Political Imbeciles and Loyal Sons of the Fatherland: The Tsarist Consular Supervision of Russian Immigrants to Canada, 1900-1922”
Jeff Noakes, History, Carleton. “Failed Option? Canada and City-Centre STOL Airline Systems, 1965-1976”

2:00-3:30 · Session 2 – Military Affairs
Andrew Iarocci, History, Wilfrid Laurier. “The 4th Canadian Infantry Battalion at Courcelette-Le Sars, 8 October 1916”
Mathias Joost, History, Manitoba. “Military Planning in Isolation: The Schlieffen Plan Considered”
James Pickett, Defence & Security Studies, Manitoba. “Mission Ready- Canada’s Role in the Kosovo Air Campaign”

4:00-5:30 · Session 3 – Theoretical Reconsiderations of Historical Knowledge
Rachel Lea Heide, History, Carleton. “The Second World War Discourse of “Flying Stress” and “Lack of Moral Fibre” in Allied Air Forces”
Brian Watson, History, Carleton. “The Subaltern Acts Up Down Under: The Maori Reaction to Christianity in Nineteenth Century New Zealand”
DeAnn Foreman, Humanities, Carleton. “The Development of Historical Research Skills for Students in Undergraduate Programs”

6:00 PM · Keynote Address
303 Paterson Hall
“The History of Politics and the Politics of History: Canadian Experiences”
John English, Department of History, University of Waterloo
Associate Director, Centre on Foreign Policy & Federalism

Saturday, March 2nd, 2002

Room 433 Paterson Hall

9:30-10:30 · Session 4 – Post-War Canada
Donica Belisle, Canadian Studies, Trent. “The Canadian Left Confronts Consumer Culture- Consumerism and Unionization at Eaton’s in Postwar Toronto”
Lindsay Pattison, History, Laurentian. “Sexual Discourse and Social Planning: Youth, Sex, and the Canadian Youth Commission in the 1940s”

11:00-12:00 · Session 5 – Native Relations
Emily Arrowsmith, History, Carleton. “Hard Work, Worry and Many Anxious Days: A Case Study of Agricultural Farming in the Pelly Agency from 1875 to 1920”
Tanya Middlebro’, History, Carleton. “Life and Thought of Egerton R. Young (1840-1909)”

12:00-1:00 · Lunch

1:30-2:30 · Session 6 – Power and Discourse in Early Modern England
Brodie Richards, History, Carleton. “Brothers of the Blade: The “Fanatic” in Seventeenth Century England”
Ian Reid, History, Carleton. “The Constituted Witch- Object Formation in the Discourse of English Witchcraft”

3:00-4:00 · Session 7 – Canadian Politics
Mario Gravelle, History, York. “A Consensual Meeting: A Reinterpretation of the Reform Convention of 1859”
Tim Krywulak, History, Carleton. “Winning Hearts and Minds: Influencing Public Opinion in Saskatchewan’s Free Trade Debate”

The Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium has been sponsored by the Underhill Endowment Fund.
Additional assistance was graciously provided by:

Office of the Vice President (Academic)
Norman Paterson School of International Affairs
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Graduate Students’ Association
Department of English Language and Literature
Department of Political Science
School of Canadian Studies
College of the Humanities

The Colloquium Organizing Committee wishes to thank the following for their assistance:

Joan White
Norman Hillmer
Bruce Elliott
Members of the History Department