March 6th and 7th, 2008

Thursday Schedule

Time Topic
8:15 – 8:30 Opening Remarks
Defining Canadian-ness
SESSION CHAIR: Andrew Denstedt
Cartography and Citizenship: Reading Ontario Public School Maps of the Northwest Rebellion
Peter Anderson (Carleton)
8:30- 10:05
Session A
“Making the Canadian Team”: Hockey, Memory and Canadian Identity
Tom Rorke (Carleton)
“Our Friends, the Russians”: The Canadian Media’s Treatment of the Soviet Union 1941-1945
Christopher Miller (Carleton)
Changing Ideas in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
SESSION CHAIR: Julie Columbus
Religious Roots
Vagando or suam voluntatem adimplere: ninth century differences in the depiction of itinerate monks
Corinna Prior (Carleton)
Place and Power in Radical Baptism
Henry Suderman (Alberta)
10:25 – 12:00 Session B Miserere Mei, Deus: Savonarola, Reform and the World of the Renaissance
Joseph Imre (Bristol)
“A Natural Consequence”: The re-construction of Mi’kmaq womanhood in 17th century Acadia
Michael Gagné (Carleton)
The Noose and the Ax: Capital Punishment in Early Modern Italy
Brad Meredith (Dalhousie)
Self-fulfilling Self-organized Self-catechesis: Exploring the Foundations of a Youth-led Movement
Sebastien Despres (Memorial)
12:10 — 1:20 Luncheon Address (History Lounge): “Representing the Pre-Christian Past in the Twelfth-Century Chronicle”
Dr. Marc Saurette, Carleton University,
Reading Between the Lines: History in Text
Walking Softly: Diplomacy in Practice and Theory
SESSION CHAIR: Melissa Horne
The Impact of Plague Literature on Charitable Giving in Early Modern England
Amanda McQuarrie (Dalhousie)
Retracing Canada’s Sovereigntist Snowshoe Tracks in the Arctic: The Manhattan Voyage of 1969
Colin Grittner (Carleton)
1:30 – 3:10
Session C
Underground Drinking: Finding Traces of Female Alcoholics in Histories of Victorian Britain
Julia Skelly (Queen’s)
Fighting the Cold War on the Cheap: Senator Robert A. Taft and the Policy of Liberation
Matt Trudgeon (Queen’s)
Britain and its Far Eastern Defence System: The Importance of the Dutch East Indies, 1931 – 1941
Coen van Haastert (Queen’s)
The Poverty of Theory in Foreign Relations History: Post-National Visions for a Post-Modern World
Brian Foster (Carleton)
Bitter Divisions: Newfoundland Newspapers and their coverage of the IWA Loggers’ Strike, 1959
Courtney Lundrigan (Memorial)
What is the Norm? Revolution, Resistance and Propaganda
Vera Figner: Redefining the Role of Women in Russian Revolutionary Terrorism 1861 – 1881
Dinah Jansen (Carleton)
 3:30 – 5:00
Session D
The Facts about Feminine Hygiene: Marketing Lysol to Women in North America during the Interwar Years
Kristin Hall (Laurentian)
“If we lose the post office we will lose everything”: Representing Contentious Politics in the Rural Resistance to Canada Post Restructuring in the 1980s
Lorna Chisholm and David Tough (Carleton)

Friday Schedule

Time Topic
8:30- 10:05

Session E


Constructing the Genders
SESSION CHAIR: Kate Talarico
Legal Implications
“Are You Men” as “Sentimental Twaddle”: Manhood Class, and Professional Football in Britain at the Outbreak of War, 1914.
Raph Costa (McMaster)
Land Speculation in upper Canada
Glen Walker (McGill)
Circulating a Culture of Fear: Cold War Propaganda in Redbook, Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping, 1950-1955
Erica Lyons (Windsor)
Canadian Military Law as a Subject of Historical Study
Marc-Andre Hemond (Manitoba)
Defining Canadian State and Political Trials
Yana Gorokhovskaia (Carleton)
10:25 – 12:00 Session F


Environmental Impact
Global Variations on a Political Theme
Environmental Factors Shaping the Slave Trade Through Libya in the Nineteenth Century
Michael Ferguson (McGill)
 The Harmony of Interests and the Producer Ideology: The Peculiar Politics of Isaac Buchanan
Doug Nesbitt (Trent)
“Once there was a camper”: Mary S Edgar, Summer Camp and the Gendering of Nature
Jess Dunkin (Carleton)
 The Forgotten Holocaust: World War II Atrocities and Japanese/Chinese Relations
Andrew Crosby (Carleton)
Goldbugs of the North: gold Boosterism in Depression Era Ontario
Natalie Napier (Carleton)
“Design for Victory”: The Southern California School of Anticommunism and Cold War American Grassroots Conservatism
Hubert Villeneuve (McGill)
12:10 — 1:20 Lunch
1:05 – 2:40
Session G
433 Paterson Hall only
(Un)Healthy Bodies
Society Insists on an Upright Position’: The Lady-Cyclist, Bodies and Performances in Public Spaces in Ontario, 1890-1910
Laura Jackman (Carleton)
No Soup for You: Immigration and the Early Days of Health Care in New Brunswick, 1847
Krista Montelpare (Windsor)
Building the House of Health: Children’s Bodies and Ideal Health in Inter-War Canada
Valerie Minnett (Carleton)
  3:30 – 4:45
Session H
433 Paterson Hall only
Spaces of Representation
“Globalizing Heritage: William Lyon Mackenzie House and Toronto’s Cultural Renaissance
Andrea Terry (Queen’s)
Paris 1931: Museum and Counter-Museum of the Colonies
Alexander Comber (Carleton)
Protest at the Vancouver Art Gallery: A History of Vancouver’s (un)official Civic square
Lisa Kilner (Carleton)
 5:00 – 5:15 Closing Remarks
Humanities Theatre PA 303
Keynote address (Humanities Theatre PA 303)
Introduction by Dr. Ruth Phillips, Canada Research Chair in Modern Culture,
School for Studies in Art and Culture – Art History and Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture.
“Winners’ History: Exhibiting the Group of Seven.”
Dr. Lynda Jessup, Queen’s University