An Interdisciplinary Symposium in History

March 4th and 5th, 2004

Thursday March 4th, 2004

History Lounge, 433 Paterson Hall, Carleton University

8:30 – 9:00 · Welcome
Welcome by Co-Chairs Omar Khan and Emily Arrowsmith
Opening Remarks by Mark Phillips, Department of History, Carleton

9:00 – 10:15 · Session 1 – Lounge, Vadim Kukushkin
Emily Arrowsmith, Carleton, “The Dependents’ Allowance Program and the Indian Affairs Branch, 1939-1945”
Jessica Squires, Carleton, “Creating Hegemony: Consensus by Exclusion in the Rowell-Sirois Commission”
Tony Michel, Carleton, “The Value of a Voyageur: Settling Claims on the Nile File”

10:45 – 12:00 · Session 2 – Lounge, Lauren Common
Amy Snider, Carleton, “On Dust and Destruction: W.G. Sebald’s Representations of History in The Emigrants”
Kirsten Leng, Carleton, “Reconceptualizing the Late Victorian Socialist Revival, 1880-1890”
Mehmet Karabela, McGill, “Peripheralization through Historical Periodization: the Debate over the Decline of Islamic Theology”

1:00 -1:50 · Concurrent Sessions 3 & 4
Session 3 – Lounge, Christine Rivas
Melissa Benner, Carleton, “National Housekeeping: Canadian Farm Women’s Contributions to the Prairie Farm Movement”
Nathan Elliott, Saskatchewan “We Have Asked for Bread and You Gave Us a Stone: Western Farmers and the Siege of Ottawa”

Session 4 – Underhill Reading Room, Jennifer Polk
Afshin Matlabi, Vanier College, “Nationalism, Patriotics, and Sexual Fervor”
Brenda McDermott, Carleton, “Music and the Movie Palace: Changes in the film experience in Ottawa and Toronto from 1915-1917”
Judy Maxwell, UBC, “No Vote, No Fight! The Chinese Canadian Experience in World War Two”

2:45 – 4:00 · Session 5 – Lounge, Jeff Noakes
Rachel Lea Heide, Carleton, “Imperialism, Isolationism and External Affairs’ Hostile Penchant against the Inter-War Royal Canadian Air Force”
Josh Bennett, RMC, “Michael Collins’ and Von Clausewitz’ Definitions of War: a Comparison between On War and the Irish War of Independence, 1919-1922″
Minh Nguyen, Calgary, The Coronation of a Young Army that had Come of Age: the Army of the Republic of Vietnam in the Easter Offensive of 1972 Revisited”

4:30 – 5:45 · Session 6 – Lounge, Brian Watson
Joseph Boyd, South Florida, “Entangling Alliances: U.S. Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Towards Haiti, 1791-1804”
Andrew Fraser, Carleton, “Architecture of a Broken Dream: The CIA and Guatemala, 1952-1954”
Laurie Jacklin, Waterloo, “Medical Education and the Ethics of the Use of Human Subjects, 1880-1910”

6:30 PM – Reception
The Clock Tower Brew Pub, 575 Bank Street

Friday, March 5, 2004

History Lounge, 433 Paterson Hall, Carleton University

9:30 – 10:20 · Session 7 – Lounge, Michel Duquet
Cristal Sissons, Ottawa, “Tracing Typhoid at York Factory, 1846-1849”
Robert Englebert, Ottawa, “At the Crossroads of the Fur Trade: a Study of the French Canadian Servants of the Hudson Bay Company (1815-1819)”

10:45 – 12:00 · Session 8 – Lounge, Duncan McDowall
Blair Neatby, Professor Emeritus and Brian McKillop, Professor, Department of History, Carleton
“Reflections on the Career of Frank Underhill in Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Underhill Colloquium”

1:00 – 2:15 · Concurrent Sessions 9 & 10
Session 9 – Lounge, Stacey Zembrzycki
Jacquie Johnson, Carleton, “Christmas at the Seventeenth-Century Inns of Court”
Andrea, Concordia, “The Camera and the Tourist: the Effect of Photography on Representations of Travel at Niagara Falls”
Ryan O’Connor, Queen’s, “Shutting the Province Down: an Examination of Prince Edward Island Conservatism and the National Farm Union Tractor Demonstrations of 1971”

Session 10 – Room 436, Andrew Burtch
Lauren Common, Carleton, “Above the Fold: the Development of the Newspaper Aesthetic in Britain, 1850-1930”
Brian Watson, Carleton, “Father Charles Coughlin, a Canadian in the Service of the American Right-Wing”

2:45 – 3:35 · Concurrent Sessions 11 & 12
Session 11 – Lounge, Arianne Richeson
Jennifer Polk, Carleton, “Explaining the Humanitarian Impulse: Canadians in Siberia, 1918-21”
Greg Kennedy, York, “Louis XV and the War of the Austrian Succession: the Measure of a King”

Session 12 – Room 436, Omar Khan
Jon Sufrin, York, ” The Canadian Apocalypse through Time: Disappointed Nationalists and the End of Canada, 1960-1995″
Colleen Gray, McGill, “The Many Faces of Providence: Providential Notions in Two Eighteenth-Century British Colonial Captivity Narratives”
Stacey Zembrzycki, Carleton, “Debating the Merits of Ballistic Missile Defence in Canada, 1969”

4:00 · Closing Remarks, Lounge
Graduate Supervisor, Department of History

6:00 PM – Keynote Address
Margaret MacMillan, University of Toronto, “Writing the History of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919”
Azrieli Theatre 101

The Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium has been sponsored by the Frank Underhill Endowment Fund.

Additional Funds and assistance were graciously provided by:

Graduate Students’ Association
Office of the Vice President (Academic)
Office of the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Department of English Language and Literature
School of Journalism and Communication
School of Canadian Studies

The Colloquium Organizing Committee wishes to thank the following for their assistance:

Joan White
Norman Hillmer
Del Muise
Bruce Elliott
Peter Fitzgerald
Jillian Brant
Members of the History Department