An Interdisciplinary Symposium in History

March 8th and 9th, 2007

Thursday March 8th, 2007

8:30: Opening Remarks, Dr. Bruce Elliott (Graduate Supervisor)
Location: 433 Paterson


8:45-10:05: The United States vis-à-vis the World

Session Chair: Maureen Mahoney
AV Required:
Location: 433 Paterson

Jean-François Juneau, Montréal, “‘Your Success will be our Success’: The U.S. and West Germany Ostpolitik (1969-1973)”
Maurice Jr. Labelle, Ottawa, “A Self-Serving Peace: The United States, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian Question (1938-1945)”
Ruben Vroegop, McGill, “Of Warmongers and Gravediggers: Paul Nitze, Team B, and the Committee on the Present Danger”


B1. 10:25-12:00: Women and Family History (Concurrent Session)

Session Chair: Melissa Horne
AV Required: PowerPoint
Location: 433 Paterson

Jessica Haynes, Carleton, “The Legacy of Scientific Motherhood: Child-Rearing Advice in English Canada in the 1960s and 1970s”
Meghan D. Baker, Edinburgh, “To What Extent did Early 19th Century Civil Society Include Women in Scotland?
Melissa Baker, Windsor, “Midwifery and Western Biomedical Obstetrics: Shaping Guatemala’s Social Geography”
Marie-Claude Felton, Québec, “The Role of Family and Professionnal Networks in the Care for Orphans : The Case of Joseph Longis, Son of a Solicitor in 17th century Aix-en-Provence”

B2. 10:25-12:00: Political History (Concurrent Session)

Session Chair: David Tough
A/V Required: PowerPoint
Location: 302 Paterson

David Banoub, Carleton, “George-Étienne Cartier and Quebec’s Liberal Order”
Braden Hutchinson, Carleton, “Continentalism, Language and the Birth of Nationalism in Canada, 1869-1895
Ryan Vieira, Carleton, “Debate, Democracy, and the Politics of Panic”
Sarah Person, Saskatchewan, “Populism and Hugo Chavez”


Location: 433 Paterson

Dr. John C. Walsh: “Re-Placing Home: Twentieth Century Narratives, Nineteenth-Century Colonization, and the Forests of Upper Canada”


C1. 1:30-3:10: On Landscape and Nature (Concurrent Session)

Session Chair: Susan Joudrey
A/V Required:
Location: 433 Paterson

Sharon Arsenault, Carleton, “Public Debate and the Creation of Prince Edward Island National Park”
Lisa Forbes, UBC, “How Travel Guidebook Writers Negotiated Changes to the Rural English Landscape, 1760-1800”

C2. 1:30 -3:10: Money Matters – Business and Profit (Concurrent Session)

Session Chair: Thomas Rorke
A/V Required: PowerPoint
Location: 432 Paterson

Sean Speer, Carleton, “Taking Care of Business: The Origins and Historical Evolution of the Business Council on National Issues, 1976-1988”
Gordon Holmes, McMaster, “Regional and National Patterns of Trade in British North America, 1820 to 1900”
Chris Clarke, Sask., “Superstar’s Legacy: Body Image, Steroids and Profit in Professional Wrestling, 1977-2005”


3:30-5:00: Military History

Session Chair: Erika Reinhardt
A/V Required: PowerPoint
Location: 433 Paterson

Adam Lajeunesse, Calgary, “Dieppe to D-Day: A Reappraisal of the Strategic and Tactical Lessons taken from Operation Jubilee”
Abraham Roof, Calgary, “A Separate Peace? The Soviet Union and the Formation of British Strategy in the Wake of Barbarossa, June-September 1941”
Michael Freethy, Carleton, “‘Welcome to the Suck’… of the Real!’ History/Memory and Jarhead”

6:00 Tour of the Canadian War Museum

Transportation Provided
Dinner to follow at Pub Italia: 434 Preston St.

DAY 2 – Friday March 9th, 2007


E1. 8:30-10:05: On Display – Museums and the Expo (Concurrent Session)

Session Chair: Pascale Salah
A/V Required: PowerPoint
Location: 433 Paterson

Lorna Chisholm, Carleton, “What is in a Name? The Anne Frank House Not the Secret Annex: Representation and Identity at 263 Prinsengracht”
Jennifer Wilhelm, Carleton, “Towards a New Museum Politics?: The Virtual Museum of Canada and the Politics of Participation”
Duncan Cowie, McGill, “Expo and Canadian Multiculturalism: The Influence of the Experience”

E2. 8 :30-10 :05: Canadian Ethnic Identities (Concurrent Session)

Session Chair: Jennifer Anderson
A/V Required: PowerPoint, overhead projector
Location: 302 Paterson

Chris Kostov, Ottawa, “A Clash of Identities: The Case of Macedonian Canadians in Toronto (1940-1996)”
Jan P. Raska, Ottawa, “Whose Truth Should Prevail? Canadian Czechs and Slovaks and the Wartime ‘Enemy Aliens’ Registration Issue (1939-1942)”
Lauren Wheeler, Carleton, “Winnipeg and Jewish Refugees”


F1. 10:25-12:00: The Nation Through the Arts (Concurrent Session)

Session Chair: Kristina Guiguet
A/V Required: overhead projector, PowerPoint
Location: 433Paterson

Brenda McDermott, York, “Projecting Canada: The Illustrated Lectures of Frank Yeigh”
Emma Peacocke, Carleton, “The History of a Literary Encounter”

F2. 10 :25-12 :00: Memories of Nazism in Europe (Concurrent Session)

Session Chair: Robin Wallace
A/V Required: PowerPoint
Location: 302 Paterson

Mark Celinscak, York, “Memory, History and Testimony: Rereading Warsaw Ghetto Diaries and Memoirs”
Karen Priestman, Wilfrid Laurier, “Compliance as Defiance: One School Against the Nazis”
Mandy Koroniak, Carleton, “Screening the Past: Representations of Nazism in East German National Film”

12:00-1:00: LUNCH


G1. 1:05-2 :40: National Identity–the International Scene (Concurrent Session)

Session Chair: Alexander Comber
A/V Required: PowerPoint
Location: 433 Paterson

Bill Molos, York, “Constructing an (In)coherent National Identity: Examining the Emergence of Greek National Identity
Frédéric Cyr, Montréal, “Fritz Fischer, German Historiography and the Reconstruction of National Identity
G2. 1:05-2:40: Questions of Religion, Morality, and Theory (Concurrent Session)

Session Chair: Mandy Koroniak
A/V Required: PowerPoint
Location: 302 Paterson

David Vance, Carleton, “Charles Templeton’s Epistemological Journey”
Joel Kropf, Carleton, “The (A/Im) Moral Human Animal: The Rhetoric of Animality in the Canadian Debate on Capital Punishment, 1957-1976”
David Tough, Carleton, “Left: On the Semantic Trail of an Orientation”
Glenn Walker, Queen’s, “Historical Metonym: From Local to Global History”


3:00 -4:45: Science and Health

Session Chair: Mary-Ann Shantz Lingwood
A/V Required: PowerPoint
Location: 433 Paterson

Erich Weidenhammer, Dalhousie, “Human Health and the Aerial Environment in Britain 1772-1790”
Valerie Minnett, Carleton, “Disease and Domesticity on Display: The Montreal Tuberculosis Exhibition, 1908”

4:45: Closing Remarks, Dr. A.B. McKillop (Chair, History Dept.)

6:00: Keynote Address
Introduction: Dr. Susanne Klausen
Location: Humanities Lecture Theatre, 303 Paterson Hall

Dr. Angus McLaren:
Professor, Department of History, University of Victoria,
“Glandular Eugenics: Sex, Race, and Rejuvenation in the Early Twentieth Century”
Reception and Banquet to follow at Baker’s Grille in the University Centre
Reception: 7:30
Dinner: 8:00
After-dinner address by Dr. Victoria Dickenson (McCord Museum, Montreal)