An Interdisciplinary Symposium in History

March 9th and 10th, 2006

Main Reception Desk: Outside the History Lounge, 433 Paterson Hall, Carleton University

Thursday, March 9, 2006


8:30 – 10:05 · Marriage in an International Context

Session Chair – Jennifer Anderson

Location – 433 Paterson Hall

Marisha Caswell, St. Mary’s, “Thieving Wives in Old Bailey”

Christine Rivas, Carleton, “Foreigners and Marriage in the Archbishopric of Santo Domingo 1700-1810”

Jessica Haynes, Carleton, “The Re-Emergence of Mid-Wifery: Consensus and Conflict”

8:30 – 10:05 · We Mean Business

Session Chair – Andrew Burtch

Location – 302 Paterson Hall

Brian Scriber, Laurier, “The ‘Capital’ of the BCATP RCAF Station Trenton, Trenton, Ontario”

Sean Speer, Carleton, “Straddling the Fence: The New Nationalism, Business and Foreign Direct Investment, 1955-1974”

An Nguyen, Guelph, “Corporate Social Responsibility: Weighing Social and Economic Accountability within the Pharmaceutical/Chemical Industry”


10:25 – 12:00 · Regional Identities

Session Chair – Kristy Martin

Location – 433 Paterson

Brian Watson, Carleton, “How Silent was the Catholic Church? English-Canadian Catholicism and the Jewish Plight During the Nazi Era”

Patryk Reid, Carleton, “Colonial Mediators in Soviet Central Asia: Two Case Studies”

Maciej Karpinski, Carleton, “‘You Are Either With Us or Against Us’: The Jedwabne Controversy and its Implications on Polish Identity”

10:25 – 12:00 · Discursive Nations: Canada and the World

Session Chair – Crystal Sissons

Location – 302 Paterson

Benjamin Piper, Carleton, “‘A Baseball Bat to Get the Mule’s Attention’: Canadian Reaction to the 1971 Nixon Shock”

Jessica Squires, Carleton, “Political culture factors in the Campaign for an Open Border for Vietnam Era Deserters, 1969”

Jennifer Anderson, Carleton, “‘You Have a Responsibility to Tell the Truth About Us’ and Other Dilemmas: Telling a (Crooked) Story of the Canadian-Soviet Friendship Society”


1:00 – 2:35 · Managing Childhood – Family Affairs

Session Chair – Heather Strickey

Location – 433 Paterson

Kristy Martin, Carleton, “Presenting Heritage to Children: A Case Study of Children’s Programs at King’s Landing and Acadian Village”

Valerie Minnett, Carleton “Swatting Flies for Health: Children and Tuberculosis in Early Twentieth-Century Montreal”

Stacey Douglas, McGill, “Canada’s Military Families on the Cold War’s Front Lines”


2:55 – 4:30 · From the Old World to the New

Session Chair – Allison McDonald

Location – 433 Paterson

Chris Clarke, Saskatchewan, “Rethinking Contact Within the Tupi-European Relationship, 1500-1560”

Michel Gagné, Concordia, “The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement and the World Beyond Irish Shores, 1963-69”

Laura Smith, Queen’s, “‘I Would Not Go Home Again’: The Migration and Settlement of the 1823 Assisted Emigrants From Ireland to Upper Canada”


4:40 – 6:15 · Regarding Cultural Representations

Session Chair – Karen Gabert

Location – 433 Paterson

Danijel Matijevic, McGill, “A Culture-Claim: Cultural Tradition and Historical Work – An Aspect of Paul Ricoeur’s Philosophy on Truth and History

Emily Soldera, Carleton, “Bizarre Paradise: Two Weeks in the Bahamas with Glenn Gould: An Analysis of the Photographs of Jock Carroll”

Kristina Guiguet, Carleton, “Mozart and Mrs. Widder Hand in Hand Across the Atlantic in 1844: Cultural Reception in Pre-Confederation British North America”

7:30 ·Reception

‘The Brig’, 21 York St. in the Byward Market

(From campus take Bus ‘7 St. Laurent’ or ‘4 Down-town’ to the Rideau Centre stop)

Friday, March 19th, 2006


8:30 – 10:05 · Cold War Culture

Session Chair – Jessica Squires

Location – 433 Paterson

Andrew Burtch, Carleton, “‘On Guard, Canada!’: The Doomsday Carnival and Responsible Citizenship in the Early Cold War”

Robert Dennis, Queen’s, “The Popes and the Cold War: Examining Encyclical Evidence and the Evolution of Ostpolitik, 1945-1990”

Kitty Lam, Carleton, “The Cornerstone of Finnish-Soviet Relations: A Finnish Perspective on the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance of 1948”

8:30 – 10:05 · Canadian Political Culture

Session Chair – Brian Watson

Location – 302 Paterson

Roland Pajares, Manitoba, “Election Management and Campaigning in the Federal Election of 1896 in Manitoba”

Joseph Ahorro, Manitoba, “Re-Examining the Canadian Political Party System”

David Banoub, Carleton, “George-Etienne Cartier and the Transcontinental Nation”


10:25 – 12:00 · The Rule of Law

Session Chair – Kristina Guiguet

Location – 433 Paterson

Geneviève Dorais, Montreal, “Concepts révolutionnaires péruvians. De Velasco au Sentier Lumineux: la récurrence d’un pouvoir établi par le haut”

Martin Hubley, Ottawa, “Sea of Liberty? North American waters and Courts-Martial for Desertion in the Royal Navy, 1755-1806”

Matthew Traversy, Oxford, “Ending the Terror? The National Convention on 9 Thermidor Year II”

10:25 – 12:00 · Narrative(s) and Memory

Session Chair – Christine Rivas

Location – 302 Paterson

Ayse Sule Akinturk, Carleton, “A Linguistic Account of Power: The case of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey”

Marie-Christine Dugal, Montreal, “Les lieux de mémoire en Argentine post-autoritaire”

Eric Goldstein, McGill, “Manifesting the Cuban Cultural Paradigm: Interpreting Revolutionary Culture, the Role of the Cuban Intelligentsia, and Social Criticism”


1:30 – 3:10 · Recovering Women’s Experiences

Session Chair – Valerie Minnett

Location – 433 Paterson

Janna Ferguson, Carleton, “Building Republics of Virtue: Class, Race, and Women’s Power in Urban Argentina and Mexico at the Turn of the Century”

Crystal Sissons, Ottawa, “Where Have All the Women Gone? Searching Historical Skyways for Women in Aviation History”

Heather Strickey, St. Mary’s, “‘Life Was No Bowl of Cherries’: The Educational Experiences of Black and First Nations Women in the Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Centuries”


3:30 – 5:00 · Colonial Society Imagines the “Indian”

Session Chair – Matthew Dyce

Location – 433 Paterson

Allison McDonald, Carleton, “The ‘Civilized Indian’ at the Fair: The Federal Government and the Representation of Aboriginal People in Regina, 1895″

Katherine Taylor, Carleton, “‘Old Indian Men Look Like Women’: Perceptions of Aboriginal Masculinity, the Julian Ralph Case Study”

Susan Joudrey, Carleton, “The Construction of the Authentic Indian in the 1912 Calgary Stampede”

6:00 ·Keynote Address

Dr. Paige Raibmon, University of British Columbia, “The Davis Case (1906): Race, Civilization, Community and the Law in Sitka, Alaska.”

Location: 2017 Dunton Tower (FASS Lounge)