March 6th and 7th, 1998

Friday, March 6, 1998

3:00 PM · Opening Remarks
Dr. G.F. Goodwin, Chair
Department of History, Carleton University

3:05-4:00 PM · Session 1 – Jeff Noakes
1.1 Jody Perrun, History, Carleton. “Purpose and Perspective: Source Types and the History of the Great War”
1.2 Rob Day, History, Carleton. “Silent Voices”

4:00-4:55 PM · Session 2 – Grant Dawson
2.1 Eva Grabinski, Sociology, Queen’s. “An Exegesis of Foucault’s Analytic of Modern Power”
2.2 John Duncan, Social and Political Thought, York University. “Substance and Will: Hegel on the Possibility of Historial Existence”

5:05 PM · Keynote Address
Joy Parr, Department of History, Simon Fraser University. “Considering Canadian Modern”

Saturday, March 7, 1998

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM · Session 3 – Pauline Phipps
3.1 Suzanne Holyck Hunchuck, Art History, Carleton. “‘The Impish Elegance of Eric Arthur’: The Moral Dilemma of Architectural Journalism”
3.2 Laura Brandon, History, Carleton. “Emotion as Document: Death and Dying in the Second World War Art of Jack Nicholls”

12:05-12:45 PM · Session 4 – Yoko Kusano
4.1 Ozgu Karasipahi, Political Economy, Carleton. “The Crucial Role of Technological Development and Institutional Change in the Industrialization and Economic Growth of Japan”

12:45-1:15 PM · Lunch Break

1:15-2:15 PM · Session 5 – Chris Gagné
5.1 C. Roy Fortune, History, Carleton. “Ralph Cecil Horner: Product of the Ottawa Valley”
5.2 Shawn Benjamin, History, Carleton. “Asking for Acceptance: Examining Indian Immigration in Canada Through a Portion of the Immigrant Press, 1904-1914”

2:30-3:30 PM · Session 6 – Bridget Forbes
6.1 Pauline Phipps, History, Carleton. “Gender as Performance, Deisre as Other: An Analysis of the Writings of Eliza Lynn Linton”
6.2 Donnalee Bell, MA in Women’s Studies from York. “Doing Her Bit: First World War Canada, Gender Transgression and the Case of Eugénie ‘Venus’ Côté”