March 5th and 6th, 1999

Friday March 5, 1999

13:00 Opening Remarks
Dr. D.L. McDowall, Supervisor of Graduate Studies, History

13:05-14:30 Session 1
Chair: Pauline Phipps
1.1 Chris Petrusic, History, Carleton, “‘Dr. Livingstone, I presume wasn’t he the rascal’: Learning about Livingstone, an Exploration of myth and Masculinity”
1.2 Gordona Marshall, History, Carleton, “Into the Very Fields of Nonreality: An Intellectual History of Queer Theory The Implications for Canadian History”
1.3 Laila Haidarali, History, York, “The Music, The Woman, The Words: The Sexual Discourse of the Classic Blues”

15:00-16:30 Session 2
Chair: Jim Opp
2.1 Corrina Clement, History Carleton, “Humph…that’s all that’s all that’s left: The Avro Arrow and Myth Making in Canada”
2.2 Janet Friskney, History Carleton, “Pssst, Wanna Read a Canadian Book?’ The New Canadian Library, the Sub-Discipline of Canadian Literature in English and the Mid- Twentieth Century Paperback Revolution in Canada”
2.3 Laura Brandon, History, Carleton and The Canadian War Museum, “Resurrection: Images of belief in Canada’s War Memorials”

17:00 Keynote Address
Modris Ekstein, University of Toronto
“The Great War and the Historical Imagination”

Saturday, March 6, 1999

9:00-10:00 Session 3
Chair: Bridget Forbes
3.1 Judith Rygiel, History, Carleton, “Thread in Their Hands: Women Weavers in Southern New Brunswick in the Late Nineteenth Century”
3.2 Liz Turcotte, History, Carleton, “Words, Worlds and Women: Power and Identity in Argenteuil”

10:15-11:45 Session 4
Chair: Grant Dawson
4.1 Stephen Cole, History, Queen’s, “A Program for Canada: Language and Image in the Canadian Tribute, 1946-49”
4.2 Jon Frauley, Law, Carleton, “Resisting Arrest: Ethics and Dialogue in the Chinese Question”
4.3 André Lecours, Political Science, “Politics, Culture and the Economy: Alternatate Approaches to Nationalist Conflict”

11:45-12:15 Lunch

12:15-1:45 Session 5
Chair: Steven Freiria
5.1 Rebecca Adell, History, Carleton, “Charles Taylor, Empiricism, and Historiography”
5.2 Peter Hodgins, Mass. Com., Carleton, “Transcending Translation: French-Native Discursive Middle Grounds in Seventeenth Century New France”
5.3 Marlene Briggs, English, University of Ottawa, “Historical Trauma, Emplotment and Mourning”

14:00-15:00 Session 6
Chair: David Mallette
6.1 Andrew Godefroy, War Studies, RMC, “Officers and Gentlemen: Prosographical Trends in Canadian Leadership in the First World War”
6.2 Ian Miller, History, Wilfrid Laurier, “Ladies, the King!’: Toronto Women and Public Private Spheres During the First World War”

15:15-16:45 Session 7
Chair: Jeff Noakes
7.1 Jody Perrun, History Carleton, “Improvising Doctrine: First Canadian Army’s Air Support in Operation Totalize 7-10 August 1944”
7.2 Rachel Heide, History, Carleton, “Fallen Planes-The Cause of Training Accidents at#5 Bombing and Gunnery School, Dafoe, Saskatchewan”
7.3 Neil Porter, History, Carleton, “Finding Their Proper Role: Canadian Logistics in the Hundred Days Campaign”

17:00 Closing Session with Guest Speaker
Paul Gough, University of the West of England
“‘An Enchanted Place’: Surveillance and Explorations in No Man’s Land, The Contribution of Topographers, Scouts and Panoramic Artists to the Visual Culture of the Great War”