March 2nd and 3rd, 2001

Friday March 2nd, 2001

Room 433 Paterson Hall

Opening Remarks: Bruce Elliott
Supervisor of Graduate Studies, History

1:30-2:30 · Session 1 – Jody Perrun
Jeff Noakes, History, Carleton. “Reservist in Command: Wilfred Austin Curtis, Chief of the Air Staff, 1947-1953”
Rachel Lea Heide, History, Carleton. “British Commonwealth Air Traning Plan Base Selection and the Patronage Legend”

3:00-4:30 · Session 2 – Matthew McRae
Christopher Gagne, History, Carleton. “Canadian Post-WWII Notions of Communism and Democracy”
Ryan Edwardson, History, Queen’s. “A Popular Lady: The Guess Who’s ‘American Woman’ and Transnational Popular Culture”
Brad Kent, English, Guelph. “The (D)Evolution of Legislating Culture: The McMichael Gallery & the Ontario Government’s Bill 112”

5:00 PM · Keynote Address
Charlotte Gray, “The New Biography”
303 Paterson Hall

6:30 · Reception at “Mike’s Place”
Second Floor, Unicentre Building

Saturday March 3rd, 2001

9:30-11:00 · Session 3 – Brodie Richards
Tim Krywulak, HIstory, Carleton. “Inching Toward the ‘Keynesian Revolution’: The Institutional and Intellectual Factors in the Establishment of the Bank of Canada”
Al Vachon, Political Economy, Carleton. “The History of Japanese Techno-Industrial Change and (Re)Construction of Nature”
Judith Rygiel, History, Carleton. “Anne Harvie Doak: A New Brunswick Pioneer, 1850-1875”

11:30-12:30 · Session 4 – Janice Cavell
Candie Schumann, History, Manitoba. “Coyote Undercover in Thomas King’s Truth and Bright Water”
Matthew McRae, History, Carleton. “The Minstrel and the Muse: Island Identity and Poetry of John LePage”

12:30-1:30 · Lunch

1:30-2:30 · Session 5 – Erin Adamo
Maria-Teresa Perez, History, Montreal, and William Garcia, Humanities, Concordia (visiting professors in History and Biology respectively from Cauca University, Colombia. “General Approaches to the Concept of History in Walter Benjamin’s Oevre”
Lorraine Redekop, English, Carleton. “Hearing the ‘Overlooked Metronome’: Certainty and History in Coming Through the Slaughter”

3:00-4:00 · Session 6 – Fred Glover
Elizabeth Sander, Music, Western. “Dance as a Vehicle of Social Change at the Russian Assembly under Peter the Great”
Ian Reid, History, Carleton. “The Discourse of Witchcraft”

The Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium has been sponsored by the Underhill Endowment Fund. Additional assistance was graciously provided by:

Office of the Vice President (Academic)
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Graduate Students Association
College of the Humanities
Norman Paterson School of International Affairs
School of Canadian Studies
English Lanugage and Literature
Geography and Environmental Studies

The Colloquium Organizing Committee wishes to thank the following for their assistance:

Joan White
Duncan McDowall
Bruce Elliott
Members of the History Department