The Underhill Colloquium Planning Committee is pleased to announce that Dr. Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at the 21st Annual Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium.

Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston is Associate Professor of Theatre at York University in Toronto and a founding member of the Centre for Imaginative Ethnography (CIE). Her research interests include political anthropology; international relations; gender and ethnicity; violence and terrorism; migration; ageing; socialism/postsocialism; the Roma people; experimental, imaginative and performance ethnography; ethnographic storytelling; and political/activist theatre. She has developed imaginative and performance ethnography projects with Romani minorities in Poland, Nazi Holocaust survivors in Poland and Canada, and low-income residents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Her articles have appeared in Text and Performance Quarterly, Social Science & Medicine, Anthropologica and Canadian Theatre Review. Her book, Staging Strife (2010), is co-winner of the 2011 International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry Outstanding Qualitative Book Award and the Canadian Association for Theatre Research Ann Saddlemyer Book Prize. She is currently writing her second monograph on imaginative ethnography, dramatic storytelling and fiction, which is under book contract with McGill-Queens University Press.