CUPE 2424 (Administrative, technical, and library staff at Carleton) is currently on strike over issues that affect their livelihoods. We believe that students at Carleton should be aware of these issues and take them seriously. Furthermore, we are also aware that some conferences on campus have cancelled due to these circumstances, but we have decided to continue with the Colloquium due to the amount of individuals traveling for this event. If you are coming to the events of this Colloquium be advised you may experience some delays and that you should prepare appropriately. These inconveniences are small compared to those experienced by the members of CUPE 2424. Due to these circumstances, some changes have been made to the schedule, which are outlined below:

9:30-11:00 First Morning Session / Première Session du Matin (Thursday)

Panel One: Writing History, Crafting Stories

Paterson 436 – Chair: Dany Guay-Belanger

Karim Chahine (Université Laval)

Mille mots valent une image: poétique de l’histoire, tableaux et portraits chez l’historien François-Xavier Garneau

Jonathan Mertz (University of Windsor)

Unfinished Tales: The Narrative Evolution of the Westphalian Mythos

Panel Two: Political Stories and Historical Narratives

Paterson 433 – Chair: Sandy Barron

Richard Yeomans (Queen’s University)

‘They Brought with Them All That Characterized the Enemies of Loyalty:’ Loyalism and Loyalist Dissent in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 1783-1788

Karly Hurlock (Carleton University)

Adverse Reactions: Canadian and American Responses to India’s 1974 Pokhran-I Nuclear Testing


The Lost Stories screening has been cancelled along with the Mike’s Place follow up event. The following social activities have been scheduled in lieu of it:

Meet in the history foyer at 18:00 to head to the Museum of Nature for a free visit and tour! Afterwards the museum group will be heading over to Lieutenant’s Pump for 20:30. Feel free to join the festivities at the Pump even if you did not attend the museum visit.

Thanks to Alex McLean, Brianna Spiess, and Kate Hallson for planning this!