March 15, 2018


History Lounge, Paterson Hall, Carleton University

Sponsored by the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies

Louise is a member of the Nacho N’yak Dun First Nation from Mayo, in Northeastern Yukon. She is a mother, grandmother and a keeper of stories. She presently lives in Wakefield, Quebec with her husband Bob. She comes from a long line of traditional storytellers and her repertoire consists of stories related to her homeland, the Yukon. These stories tell of how the land was made, how her people lived and survived for thousands of years. Many of these stories refer to how everything in nature exists in balance but more importantly depict morals and teachings to live harmoniously with each other, while caring for the land, the water, and all living things. She is grateful and honoured of the privilege of having been passed down these stories by her Elders.

Louise has travelled extensively sharing her stories at many International venues and Storytelling festivals and has provided storytelling workshops in her local community and across Canada.

Louise is also a visual artist, poet, and short story writer. She continues to demonstrate the necessity of utilizing the power of art to heal, educate and provide opportunities to others to voice the need for justice.