Our call for papers for the 27th Annual Underhill Graduate Colloquium, is now open! Apply by February 15, 2021. Details can be found below:

On March 12-13, the Department of History, Carleton University, will be hosting the 27th Annual Colloquium. In devising our theme, we reflected on the chaos and heaviness of the past year and wanted to highlight something a bit lighter in these times. Our theme, “Inspiration” aims to emphasize the ways in which historical scholarship engages with the past in uplifting ways, whether it is a spark from the topic, a piece of research material we love, the communities in which we work, interact, practice, or communicate with, or otherwise. 

We encourage applicants to submit a paper that addresses the theme of “inspiration.” However, we welcome submissions on any topic focusing on the past. The Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium strives to be an interdisciplinary forum where scholars from different fields and backgrounds can come together and share their scholarship. Accordingly, we gladly support applications from areas such as art history, human geography, memory studies, digital humanities, Canadian and Indigenous studies, African studies, sociology, anthropology, women and gender studies, and cultural studies.

In order to be considered, submissions must include a proposal of no more than 300 words, along with a brief biographical statement. We welcome (and encourage) submissions and presentations in multiple formats, including presentations, roundtable discussions, visual material, etc. Please send your submission to underhill@carleton.ca no later than February 15th, 2021. Students whose proposals are accepted will be notified on or before February 22nd 2021.