Due to ongoing provincial funding policies (or lack thereof), I will be temporarily pausing the recruitment of international MASc candidates.

Interested in joining my research team?

I am always looking for curious and enthusiastic students to be a part of my research team. Please email me to discuss research opportunities. Before applying, it is encouraged that prospective research students first review my current research, and then email me to chat about possibilities and openings.

When emailing, prospective students should also compose a cover letter as text in their email. The email should include the following:

  • “[Interested in Research]” in the subject header;
  • your CGPA, unofficial transcript optionally;
  • your research interests, and how they align with my areas of research;
  • list of your peer-reviewed publications, if any;
  • relevant research achievements, skills, and experience, and;
  • an up-to-date CV in .PDF format.

I will reply if there is a fit!

Note: You are strongly recommended to review the available Grants and Scholarships page that can help you fund your studies.