Undergraduate Research Assistants (URA)

If you are an undergraduate student in civil engineering at Carleton University or the University of Ottawa, and are interested in working with our team on research projects pertaining to timber structures, protecting vulnerable infrastructure against extreme dynamics loads, and developing modelling tools, feel free to reach out to me to discuss potential projects!

URAs are heavily encouraged to learn about and apply to the various grants and scholarships available to them. I would be happy to help with your application, or to simply answer questions on this grant program:

CIVE 4907 & CIVE 4917

I am available as a project supervisor for CIVE 4907 (Engineering Research Project) [1.0 credit over two consecutive terms] and CIVE 4917 (Undergraduate Research Study) [0.5 credit over one term, either Fall or Winter]. Please contact me if you are interested.