The X-Lab draws on Carleton’s internationally recognized pre-existing strengths in digital humanities, data science, public history, curatorial studies, visualization, and our museum/institutional/field partnerships. The overall goal of the XLab is to foster CHI as an interdisciplinary field studying and pursuing the effective use of cultural heritage data, information, and knowledge for humanistic or scientific inquiry, problem solving, and decision making, motivated by efforts to improve human well-being.  Our goal for this upcoming year: What can a cultural heritage informatics look like in Canada that is alive to the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

The X-Lab is led by Shawn Graham, Dept of History. shawn dot graham at carleton dot ca



           Jennifer Evans

Greek and Roman Studies

            Laura Banducci

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering / Azrieli School of Architecture

            Stephen Fai, Mario Santana-Quintero, Johan Voordouw

Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies

            Monica Patterson

School of Computer Science

            Alan Tsang, Ahmed El-Roby

School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies

            Carmen Robertson

School of Journalism and Communications

            Tracey Lauriault, Sandra Robinson

School of Linguistics and Language Studies

            Erik Anonby

External Partners

Alexandria Archive Institute / Open Context (San Francisco, California)

            Sarah Kansa, Executive Director

Canadian Museum of Nature 

            Sean Tudor, Head, Collections Services and Information Management

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge University

            Daniel Pett, Head of Digital and IT

Independent Exhibition Curator/Designer/Artist

            Trina Cooper-Bolam, CI, ICSLAC

Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations

            Monique Manatch, Executive Director

Ingenium Corporation

            Ryan Dodge, Chief Digital Officer

Michigan State University

            Ethan Watrall, Associate Professor, Anthropology, Director, Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative

Museum of London Archaeology (UK)

            Sara Perry, Director of Research and Engagement

University of Edinburgh

            Melissa Terras, Professor of Digital Cultural Heritage

Université de Montréal

            Katherine Cook, Professeure adjointe, Département d’anthropologie

University of Glasgow 

            Rachel Optiz, Senior Lecturer in Spatial Archaeometry (Archaeology)

University of York / Archaeology Data Service

            Colleen Morgan, Lecturer in Digital Archaeology and Heritage

RA Students

The XLab and its community have been pleased to support the research and education of several MA and PhD students with Type A stipends. Their work has contributed to our XLab Confab, to helping set the research direction of the community, to sharing their own research within the ambit of cultural heritage informatics, and to the day-to-day behind the scenes that makes our community so vibrant.

Noe Bourdeau

Noah Chapman

Scott Coleman

Katherine Davidson

Kavita Mistry

Sam Nicholls

Emmy Williams

Undergrad Students

Thanks to the George Garth Graham Undergraduate Digital History Fellowship, we are also pleased to provide a home for undergraduates who wish to explore CHI without the pressure of doing so in a graded situation.

Sophie Drache