Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on the draft consultation process for the Coordinated Accessibility Strategy. After considering feedback that was received, we have posted the updated work plan and, in the spirit of transparency, all feedback received has been posted on the consultation website.

The Coordinated Accessibility Strategy is now moving into the listening phase, where the priority will be to engage with stakeholders and hear feedback on the proposed seven broad themes. Feedback can be shared at any time through the consultation website, by email or in person through feedback sessions or meetings.

Feedback sessions are scheduled for November 21, November 27 and December 11, 2018. You can register for an upcoming session on the consultation website. Additional sessions will be made available upon request for any key stakeholder groups including labour unions, student governments and student groups. Requests can be submitted by email.

As we begin the listening phase, we look forward to continuing to hear from students, faculty and staff to ensure that the strategy can reflect the voices of our community.