Photo of Benoit-Antoine  Bacon

Benoit-Antoine Bacon

Psychology, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

Degrees:Ph.D. (University of Montreal)

Research Interests

My research is focused on perception in the visual and auditory systems, and on the integration and processing of sensory signals in the brain towards elaborating our perception of what we call reality. I have also become interested in how trauma impacts brain structure and function, and in how these negative effects can be mitigated and even reversed.


Recent work involving sensory (visual, auditory, vestibular) impairment or dysfunction due to pathology or aging has implication for individual autonomy and accessibility. Part of that work aims at the partial re-establishment of disrupted sensory function through neurophysiological interventions (e.g. transcranial stimulation) or the optimization of sensory aids (e.g. cochlear implants).

Selected Publications

Sharp, A., Houde, M.S., Beaudoin, D., Dufour, J., Maheu, M., Bacon, B.A., & Champoux, F. (Submitted) Optimizing the benefit of cochlear implant processors for sound localization: A multiple-case study. American Journal of Audiology.

Nooristani, Moin-Darbari, K., Bacon, B.A., Maheu, M., & Champoux, F. (Submitted) The effect of transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) on auditory abilities and neurophysiological responses. Trends in Hearing.

Moin-Darbari, K., Pagé, S., Bacon, B.A., & Champoux, F. (In revision) Vestibular status: A missing factor in our understanding of brain reorganization in deaf individuals. Cortex.

Maheu, M., Nooristani, M., Kaci, B., Moin-Darbari, K., Bacon, B.A., & Champoux, F. (In revision) The aging-related decrease in cVEMP amplitude cannot be accounted for by EMG rectification. Journal of Vestibular Research.

Nooristani, M., Bigras, C., Lafontaine, L., Bacon, B.A., Maheu, M., & Champoux, F. (In Press) Vestibular function modulates the impact of nGVS on postural control in older adults. Journal of Neurophysiology

Ferland, M.C., Therrien-Blanchet, J.M., Proulx, S., Klees-Themens, G., Bacon, B.A., Dang Vu, T.T., & Théoret, H. (2021) TMS and H1-MRS measures of excitation and inhibition following lorazepam administration. Neuroscience, 452, 235-246.

Nooristani, M., Moin-Darbari, K., Pagé, S., Bacon, B.A., & Champoux, F. (2020) Audiomotor interaction induced by mental imagery. Experimental Brain Research, 238, 2469-2473.

Lefebvre, G., Guay, S., Chamard, E., Theaud, G., de Guise, E., Bacon, B.A., Descoteaux, M., De Beaumont, L., Théoret H. (2020) Diffusion tensor imaging in contact and non-contact university-level sport athletes. Journal of Neurotrauma.

Sharp, A., Bacon, B.A., & Champoux, F. (2020) Enhanced tactile identification of musical emotion in the deaf. Experimental Brain Research. 238, 1229–1236.

Nooristani, M., Maheu, M., Houde, M.S., Bacon, B.A., & Champoux, F. (2019) Questioning the long-lasting effect of galvanic vestibular stimulation on postural control. PLOS ONE, 14(11): e0224619.