Photo of Cathy Malcolm Edwards

Cathy Malcolm Edwards

Lead, Coordinated Accessibility Strategy (CAS) Implementation

Phone:613-520-2600 x 7311
Office:3500 Carleton Technology and Training Centre

Cathy Malcolm Edwards is a leader in accessibility and inclusion. She brings with her more than two decades of experience working in research and educational environments. Cathy is passionate about helping people understand the value of their work through strategic planning, design, and effective communication. Her approach to relationship management fosters open dialogue, promotes collaborative engagements, and results in high-impact stakeholder relationships. In her current role, Cathy leads action projects, participates in research, and is active in knowledge mobilization. 

Cathy is also a Master’s candidate in design researching the relationship between the built environment and student mental health. She hopes to continue this research to address systemic inequities in physical environments, particularly for those with non-visible disabilities. 


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