Vicente Del Solar

Coordinated Accessibility Strategy (CAS) Implementation Support

Degrees:Honours BA in Sociology – Carleton University Expected to graduate on April 2024 Honours BA in Sociology - Universidad de Chile (2013-2017 Transferred to Carleton University)

Vicente came to the team as a co-op student for 8 months in 2023 and he helped advance the goals of the Coordinated Accessibility Strategy. During this time, he got involved in multiple projects mainly focusing in all projects concerning the physical campus. Today he has taken the lead of the Accessibility Dedicated Campus Map project.

In this role Vicente has created an extensive network by reaching out to multiple stakeholders, engaging in a collaborative approach for the project. He has created an accessibility dedicated data base and done extensive field work to asses our campus’ accessibility gaps.


Desastres Socionaturales: La Sequía en la Provincia de San Felipe y Cómo afecta a la Población de Las Coimas. Gramsch, Tristán & del Solar, Vicente. numero13vol1_2014.pdf (