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Project Summary

This project will explore innovative ways to integrate technologies that assess people’s daily living activities within built environments with the goals of improving safety and facilitating higher degrees of independent living. “Smart homes” are increasingly a part of everyday life, with technologies that monitor security, ventilation, temperature, and lighting. Smart home technologies are developing quickly and reducing in cost, presenting an opportunity to serve the needs of persons with disabilities.

We will ask how technology can be used both to detect problems that arise in the home and to identify risk factors early to prevent problems before they occur. How do a person’s activities reveal their wellness status? How can the monitoring of daily activities be used to flag existing and developing health issues and facilitate early interventions?


The Accessibility Institute applied for and received $450,000 in funding over three years from Accessibility Standards Canada through the Advancing Accessibility Standards Research Program.

Project Partners

This project will also engage and leverage the Canadian Accessibility Network’s (CAN) knowledge pool.

Project Team

Boris Vukovic, Co-PI

Rafik Goubran, Co-PI

Bruce Wallace, Research Advisor

Brady Laska, Research Lead

Laura Ault, Project Manager


For inquiries about this project, please contact Boris Vukovic