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Project Summary

Autistic Canadians experience multiple barriers to securing suitable and stable housing. In partnership with the Sinneave Family Foundation, the Accessibility Institute at Carleton University will build a National Autism Housing Network, with the Accessibility Institute hosting the Housing Knowledge Synthesis and Mobilization Hub within this network.

The network will bring together the good community-based work that is being accomplished in different locations and at different points throughout the housing ecosystem. We will engage in research on best practices in accessible housing with a focus on neurodiversity, encouraging a shared language and understanding of accessible housing through an autism lens. Through a range of knowledge dissemination, transfer, and exchange, we hope to stimulate a paradigm shift in the way that housing for autistic adults is conceived, informing public policy and influencing change at all levels of government.

Sinneave and Accessibility Institute will collaborate to build a National Autism Housing Network, synthesize best practices in accessible housing, and stimulate a paradigm shift in housing for autistic adults.


This research is supported by a $1.5 million gift over 3 years from the Sinneave Family Foundation. 

Project Team

  • Tara Connolly, Accessibility Institute Lead
  • Boris Vukovic, Accessibility Institute Co-Lead
  • Kathryn Condon, Project Manager
  • Roxana-Maria Barbu, Research Lead
  • Mike Chong, Knowledge Mobilization Officer
  • Margaret Janse van Rensburg, Community Outreach Liaison

Project Partners


For inquiries about this project, please contact Tara Connolly