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Project Summary

The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW) is leading this research project to investigate employment outcomes for recent postsecondary graduates with disabilities. Through surveys and online focus groups, the research team will gather data on how long it takes postsecondary graduates with disabilities to find paid employment, what resources and supports they are able to draw on, and what changes would best support their transition to the workforce. The team will seek to understand the impact intersectional factors such as geographic region, sector/industry, age, educational background, previous work experience, gender, race, and Indigeneity.

The study aims to provide valuable insights that will contribute to the advancement of Accessibility Standards Canada’s next generation of accessibility standards. The focus will be on enhancing standards related to program and service design and delivery, employment, and school-to-work transitions.

As a partner organization, the Accessibility Institute will contribute to the development and launch of the quantitative surveys, support the marketing and promotion of research activities, and provide accessibility expertise.


This project is funded by Accessibility Standards Canada under the Advancing Accessibility Standards Research Program. CCRW is the funding recipient and project lead.

As a supporting partner on the project, the Accessibility Institute is providing in-kind support through subject expertise, data gathering, marketing, and promotion.

Project Team

Boris Vukovic, Accessibility Institute Lead

Project Partners


For inquiries about this project, please contact Boris Vukovic.