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Accessibility Certificate Program from the Accessibility Institute at Carleton University

  • Do you find yourself hesitant about how to have important conversations with your staff about creating an inclusive and accessible work environment for all employees? 
  • Do you feel uncertain about your responsibilities when your employees request workplace accommodations?
  • Are you bogged down by legislation and compliance requirements related to accessibility and disability but are unsure about the impact and implications on your organization?

The Accessibility Institute is proud to welcome the Accessibility Certificate to its portfolio of accessibility education opportunities. The Accessibility Certificate is designed to bridge the gap between accessibility awareness and workplace operations, with a focus on upskilling professionals to not only become more accessibility confident but also to become accessibility champions in their own workplaces.

What is the Accessibility Certificate?

Participants will have the opportunity to be exposed to and immersed in a broad knowledge base of accessibility and determine how they can champion accessibility best practices in their own contexts. Throughout this Certificate, participants will build knowledge and capacity to better understand accessibility and disability perspectives and practices, as well as develop practical skills and gain access to tangible tools to enhance inclusivity in their professional settings.

Certificate Requirements

To achieve the certificate of completion, learners are required to complete all three of the Core Foundations learning modules (approximately 8 hours each). The Core Foundations learning modules can typically be completed within five weeks. Afterward, learners are encouraged to take one or more optional specialization modules, which, after successful completion, will be noted on your certificate of completion. 


There are no prerequisites to take the Core Foundations; however, it is required to complete all three core modules. Equivalencies will not be considered. To take a specialization module, you must first successfully complete the Core Foundations portion of the Certificate. This is a requirement to ensure that all participants are starting with the same knowledge base and understanding before moving into a more in-depth and application-focused specialization. 

Delivery Format

The Certificate will eventually be offered both in-person and online beginning in the Spring of 2024. Please note that while we provide online cohorts, all delivery methods require participants to attend the live (synchronous) learning modules times. This is NOT a self-paced course.  


Please stay tuned for the upcoming dates of delivery as well as registration details.  

What Will You Learn?

Core Foundations 




Looking for more information?

Contact us at Ableto@cunet.carleton.ca