Accessible Career Transitions (ACT) Advising

ACT Advising is a career development program that provides support to Carleton University students and alumni with disabilities.

By registering with the ACT program, you are welcome to access all of ACT’s specialized services including:

Individualized, Ongoing Support

Meet with an ACT Advisor to:

  • Create plans for building exciting volunteer, social or work experiences that suit you and help you move toward your goals;
  • Discuss your questions about career development or employment as it relates to disability;
  • Develop and fine-tune your career documents, including cover letters and resumes;
  • Tackle the challenges that can come with interview preparation for volunteer, part-time or full-time positions;
  • Determine what next steps you could take to gain essential skills and create a strong network to support you in your career development.

Monthly Announcements

You can receive emails of monthly highlights including ACT to Employ jobs, new grad and full-time jobs, co-op and external student jobs, employer recruitment and information sessions, and ways to get experience.

How can I register?

Current students and alumni can register with ACT to access support and receive notifications about recruitment events and specialized programming. By joining the ACT Program, you can receive ongoing e-mail notices about ACT program updates, major career development events, job postings from disability-smart employers and notices about employment-related workshops and learning opportunities.

Once you are registered, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to book an appointment.