Accessible Career Transitions (ACT) Advising

ACT Advising is a career development program that provides support to Carleton University students and alumni with disabilities.

Individualized, Ongoing Support

Meet with an ACT Advisor to:

  • Create plans for building exciting volunteer, social or work experiences that suit you and help you move toward your goals;
  • Discuss your questions about career development or employment as it relates to disability;
  • Tackle the challenges that can come with interview preparation for volunteer, part-time or full-time positions;
  • Determine what next steps you could take to gain essential skills and create a strong network to support you in your career development.

How can I register?

Current students and alumni canĀ register with ACT to access support and receive notifications about recruitment events and specialized programming.

Once you are registered, you will receive a welcome email from our team with information on the next steps.