Intelligent Aerospace Systems and Avionics

An area of strength

Innovative, intelligent aerospace systems that are more self-aware, more autonomous, and more adaptable represent the future of aerospace.


Now, with the abundance of information technology available to system designers, the aerospace industry is positioned to integrate a new degree of on-board computing, embedded sensors, smart materials, and adaptive structures into the next generation of aircraft, aeroengines, and space vehicles.

This will create unprecedented opportunities for improved safety and efficiency on earth and for deeper exploration of space. If Canada is to maintain and exceed its position within the International aerospace industry, it must remain at the forefront of these technologies. In order to do that, Carleton Aerospace has identified five interconnected key themes:

Theme 1: Multi-Physics Modelling and Optimization

Theme 2: Sensing and Sensor Fusion

Theme 3: Software Methodologies

Theme 4: Applications to Diagnostics, Prognostics and Health Monitoring

Theme 5: Application to Aircraft Performance Enhancements

These areas of intelligent aerospace system design are being integrated into Carleton aerospace research and across disciplines; stretching the boundaries of what technology can do now, and anticipating what it will be able to do into the future.


The Researchers