IAS’s Dr. Nduka Otiono is a co-editor of a special call for submissions for poetry in honour of our late Director, Professor Pius Adesanmi: Wreaths for a Wayfarer: A Poetry Anthology in Honour of Pius Adesanmi (1972-2019).

Along with Nigerian author and poet (and doctoral candidate at the University of Alberta) Uchechukwu Umezurike, Dr. Otiono has launched this call six days after the sudden passing of Professor Adesanmi in the Ethiopian Airlines crash on 10 March 2019. This volume will be a poetic mediation on his life and times and his tragic demise, drawing on the title of Professor Adesanmi’s first book, Wayfarer and Other Poems (2001).

1 thought on “Nduka Otiono is co-editor of a proposed poetry collection in honour of Professor Pius Adesanmi”

  1. Yahaya Balogun says:

    A Poem For Tise, Daddy’s Daughter!

    Pius Adesanmi (27 February 1972 – 10 March 2019)

    By Yahaya Balogun 
    03|12|19 11:59pm

    Tise is her daddy’s buddy 
    Pius was his daughter’s pally.
    The two gelled like twofold. 
    While at home, the twosomes
    Are clubby. Away from home,
    They paired in absentia.
    Tise, daddy is with you forever!

    Tise, your dad dazzled the world 
    With his intellectual acumen
    He mesmerized us with his
    Witticisms and erudition.
    A gifted satirist who predicted 
    the reunification of naughty Nigerians!

    Tise, your daddy’s mien 
    Is an everlasting gift for you
    To shape your future and us. 
    Though, your toddler’s life 
    Is innocent to discern his absence.
    Your expectation is for daddy 
    To come back home to his usual 
    Buddy-buddy with you.

    Your joy when you grow up
    Is daddy’s larger-than-life persona.
    An outsized figure that lived
    A short but momentous life.
    Daddy’s effervescent life was apt;
    A roadmap for your journey 
    To succeed in life!
    Take a solace in your mused daddy.
    A bubbling timber and prodigious 
    giant-child who left us in grief.

    You’re loved by millions
    Of Homo sapiens
    Who cherished your daddy’s,
    Expansive and memorable life.
    Tise, you shall grow up greater than
    Your dad to famously complete
    His uncompleted works.


    Yahaya Balogun 
    Arizona, USA.

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