The latest volume of the IAS Journal – Nokoko has just published. Volume 7 of Nokoko focuses on Elections and Electoral Politics in Africa: Movements Forward, Backwards or Nowhere?

Nokoko is an open-access journal promoting dialogue, discourse and debate on PanAfricanism, Africa, and Africana. Nokoko brings forward the foundational work of
Professor Daniel Osabu-Kle and his colleagues when they started the Journal of PanAfrican Wisdom in 2005. ‘Nokoko’ is a Ga word that means something that is new,
novel, surprising and interesting. The journal offers a venue for scholarship to challenge enduring simplified views of Africa and the African diaspora, by providing other perspectives and insights that may be surprising, interesting, and refreshing.

Combining spaces for academic and community reflection, Nokoko creates an opportunity for discussion of research that reflects on the complicated nature of pan African issues. It provides a forum for the publication of work from a cross disciplinary perspective that reflects scholarly endeavour, policy discussions, practitioners’
reflections, and social activists’ thinking concerning the continent and beyond.

Hosted by the Institute of African Studies at Carleton University (in Ottawa, Canada), Nokoko provides a space for emerging and established scholars to publish their work on Africa and the African diaspora.

The latest volume can be viewed here Nokoko Volume 7. while previous issues can be accessed using this link –  Nokoko Journals