The 2015-2016 Monthly African Studies Brownbag Seminar Series

All events are public and take place on a Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in: Fall: the History Lounge, 433 Paterson Hall (“PA” on the map of Carleton,

September 30 Dr. Carolyn Ramzy, Music (School for Studies in Art and Culture), Carleton University, “Citizenry, belonging and popular music: Egypt’s Coptic Christians post-2011”

October 14 Neal Mc Carthy,  Oxfam America, “Integrated systems and the future of OXFAM’s work in Africa”

November 18 Dr. Monica Patterson, Child Studies (Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies), Carleton University, “Troubling Tropes: The African Child in Colonial Postcards of the Early 1900s”

January 27 Pacifique Manirakiza, University of Ottawa, “From a Constitutional to a Political Crisis in Burundi: Context and Impact in Burundi and Beyond”

February 24 Andriata Chironda, PhD candidate, Department of History, Carleton University “History, memory and refugee resettlement”

March 30 Dr. Peter Henshaw, Privy Council Office, “Perspectives on Canada’s shifting approaches to Africa: 2003 to 2016”