Empowering African Youth Through Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous knowledge across Africa holds valuable insight into sustainable growth and development, yet has often been left out of mainstream discourse. In response, a groundbreaking partnership is underway to harness this wisdom and foster youth entrepreneurship in Indigenous communities.

Led by Dr. Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba from the Institute of African Studies, the African Indigenous Knowledge Research Network (AIKRN) is facilitating collaborations between researchers, NGOs, Indigenous knowledge keepers, and Indigenous youth across nine African countries.

Building on its initial success, AIKRN is now embarking on its second phase focused on the co-creation of knowledge through direct engagement, reinforcing existing initiatives on sustainable livelihoods, identifying areas for youth employment, and strengthening the network’s foundation through strategic activities.

This work will be delivered in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, a registered Canadian charity that works with visionary organizations to enable young people in Africa and Indigenous youth in Canada to access dignified and fulfilling work.

Community is at the heart of the research process. By prioritizing a decolonial approach, AIKRN aims to better understand a holistic, Indigenous African perspective of success aligned with Indigenous traditions and values.