Some of our faculty and students keep blogs.

The blog of IAS and Journalism student Emma Bider, from Rwanda (where she participated in the African Studies Abroad course) and from Burkina Faso (where she did an internship).

The blog of Prof. Allan Thompson of Journalism, leading the African Studies Abroad course in Rwanda, May 2014. The course is on the evolution of the media in post-genocide Rwanda.

The blog of the Carleton students going on the African Studies Abroad course in Ghana with Professor Kathy Armstrong, May 2013.

Visit the blog of Alana Dunbar, African Studies/English (Carleton) student studying at the University of Dar es Salaam for 2012-13 academic year.

Carleton Bachelor of Journalism student Cameron MacIntosh’s blog on his Rwanda trip during the (northern) summer of 2011: “Dispatches from Kigali“.

Carleton Master of Journalism student Mbonisi Zikhali Zomkhonto’s blog on his Rwanda trip during the (northern) summer of 2011: “Zomkhonto’s blog“.

Carleton Master of Journalism student Marc Elison’s blog on his work in northern Uganda during the (northern) summer of 2011: Marc Ellison’s Blog .

Carleton, MA student in Political Science, Holly Dunn, on her work on sexual violence in eastern DRC.

Carleton African Studies/Political Science BA student  Heather McAlister’s blog of her CIDA internship to Malawi from late December 2011 to March 2012: Heather’s CIDA internship to Malawi .