Nokoko 1 - Cover
Table of Contents – Volume 1

Editorial Note: Things a-stirring with the Harmattan
Blair Rutherford

What is Africa doing with the Novel?
Edward Sackey

A habitus of war and displacement?: Bourdieu’s ‘third way’ and
youth in Northern Uganda after two decades of war
Lara Rosenoff

The South African Reserve Bank and the telling of monetary stories
Elizabeth Cobbett

The neoliberal turn in the SADC: Regional integration and disintegration
Jessica Evans

“Setting the agenda for our leaders from under a tree”: The People’s Parliament in Nairobi
Wangui Kimari and Jacob Rasmussen

Politics Across Boundaries: Pan-Africanism: Seeds for African unity
Gacheke Gachihi

Entire issue of Volume 1 (Fall 2010)