Nokoko 2 - Cover
Table of Contents – Volume 2

Editorial Note: The Front Lines and the Margins of a Global Anti-Poverty Movement
Toby Moorsom

Economics of Afro-Pessimism: The Economics of Perception in African Foreign Direct Investment
Victoria Schorr

Beyond an Epistemology of Bread, Butter, Culture and Power: Mapping the African Feminist Movement
Sinmi Akin-Aina

Designed Disempowerment and Hegemonic Benevolence: A critical analysis of individual behavior change HIV/AIDS prevention programming in Sub-Saharan Africa
Imara Ajani Rolston

“Something Ironic Happened on the Way to the Black Revolution”: The Politics and Power of Definition and Identity Construction within the Historiography of the African Diaspora
Leslie Wells

Indian Hair, the After-Temple-Life: Class, Gender and Race Representations of the African American Woman in the Human Hair Industry
W. R. Nadège Compaoré

Two Cities: Guangzhou / Lagos
Wendy Thompson Taiwo

Entire Issue of Volume 2 (Fall 2011) (iBooks version)