Nokoko 4 - cover

Table of Contents – Volume 4

Editorial Note: Women’s rights and gender equality in Africa
by Wangui Kimari, Nduka Otiono, Toby Moorsom, Blair Rutherford, and Daniel Tubb

“Spare Tires,” “Second Fiddle,” and “Prostitutes”?: Interrogating Discourses about Women and Politics in Nigeria
by Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin

Kupururudzira muroora songs in Muzvezve: Bride welcoming ceremony or relegation of women to the subaltern?
by Wonder Maguraushe and Treda Mukuhlani

Catherine Acholonu (1951- 2014): The Female Writer as a Goddess
by Nduka Otiono

The Story of Cape Town’s Two Marches: Personal Reflections on Going Home
by Stephanie Urdang

Kenya’s Silence on Colonialism
by Wairimu Gitau

Prospects and Challenges of International Academic Exchange Programmes between Universities in Northern and Southern Countries: Reflections from a Visiting Scholar from an African University
by Rose Shayo


Entire Issue of Volume 4 (2014)