Peter Stewart

In 2011, I graduated with a combined honours degree in African Studies and History. The interdisciplinary nature of the IAS undergraduate program allowed me to explore a plethora of academic disciplines I might not have otherwise been exposed to. Moreover, the broad range of coursework I was encouraged to undertake in this program challenged me to consider African Affairs in the context of a variety of intersecting themes including, but not limited to economics, gender, politics, religion , language, geography and conflict. This was a truly rich and rewarding academic experience. My experience with IAS was not however limited to the classroom. I partook in a fascinating co-op placement with the POWER Project, an initiative dedicated to advocating for the equality right of women affected by conflict and mining in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. In also collaborated with a number of other dedicated students to form the IAS Student Association from which I developed leadership qualities that compliment my career in sales management. I currently work as an Area Sales Manager at Match Marketing Group, managing a sales team across Ottawa and Montreal on behalf of our client Nespresso.