Native Drums is an educational website devoted to the rich heritage of First Nations culture and music in Canada. With videos and moving image galleries for youth, in-depth interviews and articles for students, an image research database for scholars, and downloadable resource kits for teachers, Native Drums has something for everyone!

Native Drums traces the history, mythology, and significance of the drum in traditional societies of Canada’s Eastern Woodlands, compared with Western Coastal regions in terms of history, arts and culture.

This database on First Peoples’ music was prepared over a period of 20 years as a CIRCLE project and was funded through grants from SSHRC, the Secretary of State, Canadian Heritage, and the Canadian Content Online Program. The Native Drums website contains a wide array of photos, videos, overview essays as well as certain specific culture essays, plus educational kits designed to be used within science, music, social studies, native studies curricula according to provincial educational guidelines at the elementary and secondary levels in Canada.

Contact Information: Dr. Elaine Keillor