Indigenous Research Resources:

{Prepared by Cheyanne Thomas}

Indigenous research engages Indigenous persons as investigators or partners to produce knowledge or tackle issues that are of significance for Indigenous peoples and communities.

Historically, research on Indigenous communities has often been a violent process through which western academics have entered Indigenous communities and extracted knowledge for their own gain with little care or concern for the health, needs, or wants of Indigenous peoples (Chilisa, 2019, & Smith, 2010). Through these processes, Indigenous ways of knowing were also positioned as inferior to western forms of knowledge production (Smith, 2010). In response to this violence, ethical guidelines and Indigenous research methodologies have emerged as a means of asserting Indigenous rights, agency, and ways of knowing through the research process (Weber-Pillwax, 2001).

The Ānako Indigenous Research Institute encourages all those undertaking Indigenous research to familiarize themselves with the following responsibilities and ethical guidelines:

Recommended Indigenous research theory and methodology texts that can be found through the MacOrdum Library include:

  • Chilisa, Bagele (2019). Indigenous Research Methodologies. Sage Publications.
  • Kovach, Margaret (2010). Indigenous Methodologies: Characteristics, Conversations, and Contexts. University of Toronto Press.
  • Smith, Linda Tuhiwai (2013). Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples. Zed Books.
  • Weber-Pillwax, Cora (1999). Indigenous Research Methodology: Exploratory Discussion of an Elusive Subject. Journal of Educational Thought, 33(1), 31-45.
  • Wilson, Shawn (2001). What is an Indigenous Research Methodology? Canadian Journal of Native Education, 25(2), 175-179.

Additional Online Resources:

Migwetch, Niá:wen, Maarsii and thank you for your interest in conducting ethical and responsible Indigenous research!

Campus Resources:

School of Indigenous & Canadian Studies: Offers a broad range of interdisciplinary undergraduate & graduate courses.

Centre for Indigenous Support and Community Engagement: Supports First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples who work and study at Carleton.

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The Ojigkwanong Centre: A Carleton student hub for Indigenous activities throughout the year!