The School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies (SICS) is Carleton University’s locus of Indigenous Studies, Canadian Studies, and their complex relations. Important and urgent issues facing our society today intersect here.

You can major in either Indigenous Studies or Canadian Studies -or both- to develop interdisciplinary expertise in either or both fields. A minor in these areas is also an invaluable complement to a major in any traditional discipline. Minors are also available in Quebec Studies or Heritage and Conservation.

If you are interested in advanced studies in these fields, SICS offers graduate programs at the Master’s and PhD levels. This includes a possible specialization in heritage conservation.

Interested in chatting with faculty and students about our programmes and courses? Email us, or drop by our home on the 12th floor of Dunton Tower. The views from here will astound you. The photo above is of one of the spectacular sunsets visible from the School’s offices.


SICS Faculty