Throughout my degree, the School of Canadian Studies has provided me with opportunities inside and outside the classroom, helping me discover new things such as designing a museum exhibit and publishing an academic article. It has also given me the necessary skills needed to compete and succeed in the job market; I have worked for the Library of Parliament, as a research assistant for the government, and as a teaching assistant for the department.
– Cara Des Granges

A  BA in Canadian Studies at Carleton University equips you with a sophisticated understanding of Canada – its politics, economy,  institutions, history, culture and society. Demonstrated faculty expertise in problem-based interdisciplinary teaching and research will be part of your learning experience.  With  a focus on key policy issues such as  social justice, sustainable futures and  social identity our BA gives you  a clear advantage in any kind of work that involves building Canada’s future. Our graduates are  professionals. They work in government, the not-for-profit sector, business, communications and  heritage. Our graduates possess high-level skills and powers of expression in their research and analysis, problem-solving, discussion and presentation.

Enroll in a Minor in Canadian Studies; a BA in Canadian Studies; a BA Honours or Combined Honours degree in Canadian Studies (where you can combine 6.0 credits in Canadian Studies with credits from any other discipline that offers a Combined Honours degree).

Our Combined Honours programs are taken concurrently with a wide variety of disciplines including History, Political Science, Indigenous Studies, Sociology, Film Studies and many others.

Students majoring in Canadian Studies can enjoy a similarly wide variety of disciplines as a Minor. Think of Community Engagement, Food Science, Sociology, Communications & Media Studies, Environmental Studies, Business or Design.

We offer a broad selection of interdisciplinary courses in Canadian Studies. Take them as stimulating and exciting electives or combine these courses with others, leading to a number of program options:

Adding a second Major or a Minor to your degree allows you to develop different areas of expertise, to understand issues from different viewpoints, to meet students and instructors in other programs, and to get involved in other ways at Carleton. Having different areas of expertise will be an asset to you in terms of the career paths that you might follow and will expand your options regarding graduate programs.

In addition, we also offer minors in Heritage and Conservation and Quebec Studies.

The minor in Heritage and Conservation provides students with an introduction to places of value to Canadians and Indigenous peoples from local to national and global perspectives. It builds on the School’s three decades of teaching heritage conservation at the MA level. Some of the issues you will examine include the relationships between power, places, and stories; how different stakeholders are defining heritage values and how conservation policies are evolving; current conflicts about memory and commemoration across Canada; how evolving ideas of cultural landscape and constructions of settler and Indigenous space inform identity in Canada; and how heritage conservation connects with environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Most courses include opportunities for experiential learning through engagement with specific places. The minor also includes elective options from many departments with connected areas of study, including African Studies, Architecture, Art History, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, and Indigenous Studies. Learn more.

The minor in Québec Studies develops intercultural skills by gaining interdisciplinary knowledge of Québec through literature, cinema, political science and history. The Minor is based out of two distinct units, the Department of French and the School of Canadian Studies. Improving French language proficiency will help facilitate practicum, community engagement, co-op, and experiential learning opportunities. The Minor in Québec Studies can be added to a Major or a Combined Major, allowing students to receive a truly interdisciplinary education. Specialized opportunities include taking one of the immersive Spring courses which take place in Québec City. There is an innate value in studying Québec from an external vantage point such as Carleton! Learn more.

You may also qualify for a Mention: Français notation on your records if you meet the specific requirements. If you are studying in another discipline but have a strong interest in Canadian issues, look over our courses and think about adding a Minor in Canadian Studies to your program!

In any program that you choose, there are a number Canadian Studies courses offered directly in the School of Canadian Studies. In addition to your core courses, you’ll have the freedom to choose courses from a range of other disciplines. Develop a unique program of study based on your particular interests!

Accelerated Pathway

Are you a third year student with a minimum overall CGPA of A-? Consider the Accelerated Pathway option into our Master’s program.

Students in their third-year of study in the B.A. Honours Canadian Studies degree should consult with both the Undergraduate Supervisor and the Graduate Supervisor to determine if the accelerated pathway is appropriate for them and to confirm their selection of courses for their final year of undergraduate studies.

Students may receive advanced standing with transfer of credit of up to 1.0 credit which can reduce their time to completion.