Faculty in the School of Canadian Studies engage in research across a number of thematic areas, working across many disciplines, and many are cross-appointed to one or more other academic units at Carleton University. Our faculty also provide leadership in key research initiatives at the university:

Faculty Research themes Cross appointment(s) and affiliations
Miranda Brady Motherhood and Reproductive Labour; Critical Autism Studies; Media and Indigenous Studies Journalism and Communication
Kenneth Jake Chakasim Indigenous Planning & Design; Sustainable Building Technologies; Urban and Rural Aboriginal Development; Design-Based Research and Pedagogy Architecture and Urbanism
Peter Coffman Canadian Gothic Revival architecture Art and Architectural History
Sebastian Cote Representations of the Americas in French fiction written before 1800 (plays, short stories, novels);  written heritage of New France in Quebec and Canadian literary history; Travel writing in the Americas (16th-20th century), and the archeology of the noble savage; 20th-century cultural and intellectual history in France (literature, political commitment, ethnology, art, and the avant-garde) French
Stacy Douglas Legal and political theory; Critical constitutionalism; Critical theories of community; Feminist, queer, and critical race theory; Postcolonial legal studies; Law and aesthetics Law and Legal Studies
Jerzy Elżanowski Warsaw; Memory, curation; Architecture; Heritage, conservation;  Cartography; Architectural Heritage in Canada Architecture and Urbanism; Carleton Centre for Public History; Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture; Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
Patrizia Gentile Cultural/gender history; history of sexuality; history and theory of the body; beauty contests; national security; October Crisis and immigrant communities; queer theory History; Sociology; Law and Legal Studies
Jennifer Henderson Settler Feminism and Race Making; Neoliberalism; Reconciliation; Settler-colonialism, settler-colonial modernity;  Feminism; English-Canadian literature; Indigenous literature; Cultural studies English Language and Literature; Institute of Political Economy; Sociology and Anthropology
Peter Hodgins The politics and poetics of public memory in Canada; Canadian cultural nationalism;  Canadian Cultural Studies; Cultural memory Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture; Psychology; Carleton Centre for Public History
Anna Hoefnagels Urban Aboriginal music-making; powwow traditions in Southwestern Ontario First Nation communities; gender politics and restrictions for female musicians in powwow music-making practices; emergence of children’s music performers in Canada Music
Michel Hogue Metis & Fur Trade History; Indigenous histories, settler colonialism; North American West, borderlands; Folklore and “vernacular” histories History
Kahente Horn-Miller Mapping Kanienkeha, Kanienkehaka place names and associations with governance and women’s issues; Consensus-based, Indigenous and Haudenosaunee governance; Indigenous pedagogy and online teaching;  Indigenous identity politics; Humour, storytelling, oral history; Indigenous womenism / women issues; Indigenous research methodologies; Indigenous rights and resurgence Sociology and Anthropology; Ānako Indigenous Research Institute
David Hugill Urban geography and North American cities; Imperial and colonial urbanisms; Urban political economy and the “Sharing Economy” Geography and Environmental Studies
Dan Irving Transgender Studies; Two-Spirit and Trans Under- and Unemployment in Canada Human Rights; Feminist Institute for Social Transformation
Brian Johnson Canadian literature, literary theory, and genre. English Language and Literature
Jacqueline Kennelly Youth cultures; citizenship; democracy; social inclusion and exclusion; globalization/neoliberalism; social movements; urban sociology; homelessness; education Sociology and Anthropology
Catherine Khordoc Contemporary Québécois literature; “écriture migrante” and transnational writing; the works of Monique Bosco; francophone literature; transcultural writing; plurilingualism French; Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture
Andrés López Indigenous and Black feminist theorizing and methodologies; Historiography, Cultural Rhetoric, and Queer Indigenous Two-Spirit Studies Feminist Institute for Social Transformation; Interdisciplinary Studies
Patricia McGuire Creating respectful frameworks for including Anishinaabe knowledge(s) in broader academic, social and political contexts Social Work; Strategic Indigenous Initiatives Committee
Eva Mackey Canadian Studies – interdisciplinary; anthropology of space/ place/ land studies; identity/ power/ representation; feminist theory/gender/sexuality;  Decolonization — aboriginal-settler state relations; anthropology of conflict, land rights, law and citizenship; National identity, multiculturalism, race in settler nations; post-colonial theory/ cultural studies/critical race theory; research methodology; anthropology of public issues; political anthropology – colonialism, neoliberalism – policy/law; politics of risk/uncertainty/neo-liberalism; law and society English Language and Literature; Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies; Journalism
Jody Mason Literatures and cultures in Canada; sociology of literature; print culture studies (reading and reception; publishing; uses of books and book cultures); settler-colonial studies English Language and Literature
Jeffrey Monaghan

Security governance; Policing; Surveillance of social movements; Settler colonial studies; Social movements studies; Globalization of surveillance and security practices

Criminology and Criminal Justice
Richard Nimijean National identity and the branding of Canada; the relationship between Canada’s role as a global actor and the Canadian identity; the politics of the brand state FASS Research Centre in American Studies
Monica Patterson Critical Race Museology; Museum Queeries,;Unsettling and Indigenizing Museology; National Heritage and Traumatic Memory; Children’s Museology Interdisciplinary Studies
Carol Payne History of photography in Canada with an emphasis on collaborative photo-based methodologies undertaken with Inuit communities Art & Architectural History
Carmen Robertson Norval Morrisseau; Woodlands School of Indigenous art; Beading; Curation/curatorial work; Indigenous arts history and aesthetics Studies in Art and Culture; Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture
Susan Ross Waste, deconstruction and heritage values; Sustainable heritage conservation theory and policy; Modern building technology history and conservation;  Twentieth-century housing history; Modern and industrial buildings, infrastructure and landscapes; University campus architecture and conservation; Urban environmental /landscape / parks history; Montreal and Quebec heritage conservation; Canadian conservation and environmental policy and practice; Heritage conservation theory and practices in Germany Architecture and Urbanism; Carleton Immersive Media Studio; Carleton Centre for Public History
Hugh Shewell Indian Welfare in Canada Social Work
Sophie Tamas Trauma; Autoethnography; Research methods; Interdisciplinary critical qualitative research methods and ethics; Emotional geographies of academic spaces and practices; Feminist, Indigenous, post-qualitative, new materialist and trauma-informed approaches to subjectivity and knowledge; Personal narrative and creative arts at the intersection of academic, aesthetic, and therapeutic discourses; Feminist, arts-based and Indigenous pedagogies Geography and Environmental Studies; Feminist Institute for Social Transformation
Julie Tomiak Settler colonial cities; Indigenous resistance, resurgence; Neoliberalization; Indigenous cities; decolonization; land reclamation; urban reserves, settler statecraft, racial capitalism; urban Indigenous governance; political economy Geography and Environmental Studies; Institute of Political Economy; Sociology/Anthropology
Anne Trépanier Critical nationalism; Quebec studies; Language politics in Canada; Pedagogy, online pedagogy; Intercultural mediation; Museum narratives; Early Christianism and syncretism French; History; Carleton Centre for Public History
Omeasoo Wahpasiw Knowledge translation with Tla’amin; Mistussin; Tla’amin Historical practices regarding death and grief; Indigenous Art and Activism in the late 20th Century Architecture and Urbanism; History