Contract Instructor Teaching Resources

TLS’s Teaching Resources Page provides a wide variety on all things teaching and learning at Carleton.



This reference guide has been created to supplement the teaching resources already available on the FASS website and the numerous other offices on campus.


Administrative Notes

Documentation & Payroll

Payroll Office
507A Robertson Hall
Tel: 613-520-3628

All new Contract Instructors must be documented at Human Resources in order to attain a Carleton ID number and to set up payroll deposit to their bank. Payments are made bi-monthly; check here for the payroll schedule. Payroll receipts are available through Carleton Central, as is your T-4 form.



All Contract Instructors are asked to accept an on-line contract through Carleton Central. Instructions are available from the School Administrator. Instructors whose contracts are canceled due to lack of enrollment are entitled to some reimbursement, based upon a sliding scale reflecting the number of weeks before classes commence. This can be found in the Collective Agreement under Article 22.3.


Collective Agreement

You are responsible for any and all information related to your activities on campus as stipulated in your collective agreement, CUPE Local 4600 Unit 2.

The complete collective agreement is available at:


Campus Card

Campus Card Office
407 University Centre
Tel: 613-520-3547

The Campus Card is a picture identification card and is required for access to a number of services on campus, including MacOdrum Library.   If you don’t already have a card, please bring photo ID (such as driver’s license) to the Campus Card Office.


FASS Undergraduate Teaching Regulations and Procedures

Please review the information in the Teaching Regulations and Procedures

Course Syllabus: Please submit a copy of each course outline to the School Director,  David Carment and cc Donna Malone. The outlines must include specific information outlined in the Teaching Regulations.

Examinations:  Final examinations are supervised by the instructor (and their TAs). It is University policy to not return final examination papers to students.   Contract Instructors must allow students to see their final examination with an appointment, if requested.

Student Registration Questions: For assistance with any student registration questions, please connect with our Program Administrator.


Dates and Deadlines

Please see the Registrar’s Office website for term dates and deadlines:


Library Access

Maxwell MacOdrum Library
Please use your Campus Card to enable library privileges.


Computing Information

Computer Account and Carleton Email

The School Administrator will request an account on your behalf and send you the log-in information before the beginning of term.



Teaching and Learning Services
410 Dunton Tower
Tel: 613-520-4433

D2L Brightspace is an online collaborative learning space where instructors, TAs and students can share course materials, hold online discussions, meet in live web conferencing sessions, share assignments, and more.

E-Grades System

Carleton University uses the E-Grades system for submitting final grades. Information can be found here:

Teaching Resources

TLS Guide is now online. This page features a searchable database on a variety of topics including administrative pedagogy, teaching tips and tools, teaching with technology, course design and high-impact practices. It also includes more specific information for new faculty member and contract instructors, as well as CUOL instructors.

TLS also offers a variety of programs, workshops and events throughout the year geared towards instructors’ professional development. A list of upcoming events can be found on their website.


Teaching Evaluations

University Regulations require that teaching evaluations be carried out during the last two weeks of courses. Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP) will email with information and instructions mid-term. A report of the evaluation will be returned to you once final grades have been released.

Offices, Keys, Phone, Mailbox

Office space and keys

Office space, a desk and a phone are provided for Contract Instructors on a shared basis. Please see the School Administrator for office assignments and to pick up a key.   Keys should be returned at the end of the term.

Office Hours

Typically two hours are allocated for office hours for each course so students can see you to discuss questions, problems, etc. This timeframe is to be arranged with the School Administrator. Students should be informed of the hours allocated on the syllabus and on the BrightSpace page.