The Canadian Studies Advantage

The School of Canadian Studies offers undergraduate, M.A., and Ph.D. programs, and a broad range of exciting and distinctive interdisciplinary courses that will complement any degree program.

At all levels, SCS students receive an interdisciplinary, critical education, drawing on the diverse strengths of our eclectic, friendly faculty. We are passionate about what we do, and about helping to prepare students to make their mark in a wide range of careers. Our students often end up working in the public service, education, museums, and journalism.

The School of Canadian Studies tackles problems that do not fit easily into disciplinary boundaries, including the relationship between settlers and the land they occupy, the trauma of colonialism and the process of reconciliation, the complexities of understanding and preserving heritage, tensions between urban and rural parts of the country, nation-branding, and the representation and performance of identity. These problems demand creative and innovative research methods and ways of thinking; the goal of our programs is to help students develop the skills necessary to meet them.

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