By Dr. Surya Swarna on 04/20/2023.

Surya Teja Swarna is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the Center for Research and Education in Advanced Transportation Engineering Systems (CREATES), Rowan University. Currently, he is working on multiple projects funded by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT). In addition, He is also working on developing a Low-cost Pavement Management System for the cities and boroughs in New Jersey in collaboration with Kennesaw State University. Surya holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, where he was a part of the Advanced Road & Transportation Engineering Lab (ARTEL) research group and explored the impact of climate change on pavement design and materials in Canada during his doctoral research. Prior to this, Surya completed a Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, where he focused on the mechanistic analysis of concrete pavements.

In the presentation, Dr. Swarna covered a range of topics related to the pavement design, pavement management, and transportation asset management. The presentation highlighted the development of PD and PM, enterprise resource planning, and mobile data collection platform for transportation asset management. The importance of considering sustainability and resilience in pavement management was also emphasized.  Overall, the presentation provided valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in pavement design and management, emphasizing the need for continued learning and adaptation in this field.