Photo of Chris Potter

Chris Potter

Co-op Student, Winter 2019

My name is Christopher Hanrahan-Potter. I am a 2nd year civil engineering student at Memorial University. The project I am currently working on is titled ” Can we improve Road Safety in City of St. John’s Roads”. The main objectives of this project is to determine where and how the city can make changes to improve safety on their roads.

Growing up, I often found myself attempting to figure out how things worked. This analytical mindset allowed me to develop into an effective problem solver. My eagerness and interest in solving problems inspired me to explore the field of engineering. My decision to study the discipline of civil is due to the challenges that all civil engineers face. Most civil engineering projects are large-scale and the importance of ensuring safety is much higher and can often be difficult. Civil engineering is a challenging but rewarding career path that I am excited to face.

Outside of academics, I am interested in learning new skills and technologies. I always welcome any opportunity to learn and gain knowledge relevant to my career path. I am also interested in design and am a certified user of SolidWorks.