Procedures for Student Presentations/Seminars

Please Note: Students with full-time jobs, who cannot come to the AVRC during its regular hours of operation, may make alternate arrangements by contacting Nancy Duff. You must make these arrangements well in advance of the time you would like to come in.

Students are advised to check the collection with the help of staff as far ahead of their seminar date as they can — 14 days before, if possible — to ensure the availability of the material, or in the case of images, to provide adequate time to order and process new material. (Please see below, Section, “Ordering New Images”).

We are here to help! If you need assistance in locating analogue or digital material or in using the available resources for creating presentations – just ask us.

Viewing and Booking Films (VHS, DVD, 16mm)

1. Fourth-year and graduate students can work with and borrow films for in-class seminar presentations. Films may be viewed using the AVRC’s facilities or the student’s personal equipment. Please note that screening analogue media will require booking equipment through Diane Berezowski. Only bookings requested via email will be honoured.

2. Once the student has determined which film(s) is required for their presentation, it needs to be booked. This should be done well in advance of the student’s presentation in order to ensure that the film is available in the desired format

Ordering New Material

1. The AVRC will make up to 25 new images per seminar. The student must first check both analogue and digital holdings with the help of Nancy or Diane to ascertain the availability of the material required.

2. If a library periodical or book on reserve needs to be photographed, this can usually be arranged — come and ask us. The student must fill out one Image Request form per book or periodical submitted for photography.

3. Students are asked to order images 2 weeks before their seminars, whenever possible. In addition, it is preferable for students to submit all material to be photographed at the same time.

4. The AVRC is not responsible for overdue library books. The student is asked to arrange with Nancy in advance about what should be done with the books after the photography and cataloguing are finished.

5. Once the images are ready, the student will be contacted to arrange how best to incorporate the new material into their presentation.