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Did you miss a virtual event during Financial Literacy Month that you really wanted to attend? Look no further! We have the links to the unlisted YouTube videos for all three of our virtual events in November.

Rabbits, Credit Cards and The Joneses: A Student’s Guide to Personal Finance with Rob Brown

Best-selling author Rob Brown discusses the principles of his book, including exactly what is personal finance, the habit of saving, and not keeping up with the Joneses.

Watch Rob Brown’s virtual presentation.

Budgeting for International Students 101

International students have different challenges when it comes to personal finance, so the awards office and International Student Services Office have teamed up to create a presentation that covers the different scholarships and employment opportunities, as well as some budgeting tips designed specifically for international students.

Watch the Budgeting for International Students 101 virtual presentation.

Women’s Financial Empowerment

Accredited Financial Counselor Pamela George will be discussing personal finance and specifically how to relates to women. She’ll be discussing how to stay out of debt and how to match your money to your values.

Watch Pamela George discuss women’s financial empowerment.