Scholarships for Current Students

Provided it is not contrary to the terms of the award, scholarships administered by Carleton University will first be applied to your tuition fees. A scholarship will be applied directly to your fees in two instalments, half in early September for the fall term and half in early January for the winter term, provided you have registered and remain registered for the full academic year (minimum 4.0 credits in the Fall/Winter session).

Scholarship Assessment

The Awards Office will automatically assess for the renewal of entrance scholarships and assess for general in-course scholarships once we have received your grades at the end of the Fall/Winter session.  Generally, this assessment will take place at the end of May/early June and the status of your scholarship will be displayed on Carleton Central. It’s important you know the rules and regulations concerning scholarships.

General In-course Scholarships

If you are a student who has not been awarded a renewable entrance scholarship at the time of admission, you will be considered for an in-course scholarship for the following year. In-course scholarships are awarded to students who meet the academic and course load requirements for awarding a scholarship and who are proceeding from one year to the next. The values of these scholarships are as follows:

Academic Requirement Value
GPA of 10 – 10.9 $750
GPA of 11 and above $1,000

Co-operative Education or Industrial Experience

Students in a co-operative education program cannot draw upon scholarship funds during a work period. Let us know if you will be in a co-op work term in the upcoming semester so we can defer your scholarship to your next two full-time study terms (minimum 2.0 credits in each term). Students must also complete a minimum of 4.0 credits over these two terms in order to meet the course load requirement for scholarship renewal.

Departmental Scholarships & Awards

In addition to renewable entrance scholarships or general in-course scholarships, your academic achievements may be further recognized by departmental scholarships and awards. At the end of each academic year, departments nominate or recommend outstanding students for departmental scholarships and awards. For more information, please refer to our extensive awards database or consult with your department.

Students on Exchange

If you are on an official exchange then you pay regular Carleton fees and tuition. Therefore, scholarships are applied to fees in two instalments as they would be for any other Carleton student. There are, however, additional considerations for renewing a scholarship following a year on exchange.

If you are in receipt of a renewable entrance scholarship while on an exchange year, then you will be considered for renewal of their scholarship for the following academic year provided you:

  • Have renewed your scholarship going into the exchange year.
  • Complete the year successfully and are full-time while on exchange.
  • Will be given a minimum of 4.0 credits towards the Carleton degree upon completing their exchange.

If you plan on taking courses that will not be credited towards the Carleton degree, a deferral for one year should be requested from the Awards Office.

If you are on an exchange year at a university that has an academic year that is not the same as Carleton University, then you must contact us for the criteria required to renew a renewable scholarship for the year following the exchange year.

Note: You will not be assessed for general in-course scholarships in the year following exchange as we do not have access to your exchange term grades