OSAP’s assessment of your academic progress is done for the purpose of determining your continued eligibility for OSAP. It is separate and independent from the Academic Continuation Evaluation that is performed by the Registrar’s Office to assess your academic standing in your degree program.

While receiving funding from the Ministry, you have a responsibility to maintain satisfactory academic progress in your program of study. Failure to meet this standard can result in you being placed on academic probation. This can impact your eligibility for future OSAP funding.

For more specific information, please visit the academic progress requirements webpage the OSAP website.

OSAP Academic Requirements

When assessing your academic progress we look at the following three criteria:

1. Have you completed each term in full?

While receiving OSAP funding, the Ministry expects you to complete the minimum required course load for full-time studies in each term. If you withdraw after receiving your funds or drop to part-time studies you will be placed on Academic Probation, effective the day you reduced your course load below the minimum requirement.

2. Have you achieved passing grades in the minimum required course load?

The Ministry also expects you to achieve passing grades in courses taken during your funded study period (Carleton University has two defined study periods: the Fall/Winter and Summer sessions). Failure to achieve passing grades in the minimum required course load will result in you being placed on Academic Probation effective the last day of your study period.

3. Are you progressing in your program of study?

The Ministry expects that you are working towards the completion of a degree program while receiving OSAP funding. Frequent and/or multiple program changes, repetition of courses, or failing to steadily advance in your program can result in you being placed on Academic Probation.

4. Are you taking an extra year to complete your program?

The ministry expects you to complete your program of study within the number of periods of study as outlined by your institution. You’re no longer eligible for more full-time OSAP if you have reached the study period maximum for your program. For example: A 3 year program can receive up to 4 years of funding (total years + 1). This applies even if you’re in good standing academically or you haven’t reached the lifetime limit on OSAP funding. Some actions that can lead to you exceeding you periods of study limit are if you take less than a full course load each year or if you have failed and have had to repeat courses.

Academic Probation Requirements

While on academic probation you must meet the three academic requirements listed above. Failing one of these requirements while on academic probation will result in an OSAP academic restriction. This means you are ineligible to receive OSAP funding for one full academic year.

Appeal Your Academic Probation/Restriction

You may appeal your academic probation or restriction if you can demonstrate that your academic progress was adversely affected by exceptional circumstances beyond your control. Examples of such circumstances include medical or family crises. This process typically involves writing a formal letter of appeal to the Ministry with relevant supporting documentation. Contact us to speak with your Financial Aid Administrator if you would like to appeal your probation/restriction.