Identification Requirements

Note: Your Carleton University Campus Card cannot be accepted as valid identification for the purpose of picking up a loan certificate, submitting an MSFAA to a designated Canada Post, or obtaining your OAN.

Certain actions or requests regarding your government student aid will require you to present two forms of identification;

When will I be required to present these two pieces of I.D?

Anytime you visit the Awards Office to discuss your government student aid, you should be prepared to present photo I.D (Your student card is acceptable). Certain requests or actions will require you to present both government photo I.D and proof of your SIN. These include, but are not limited to;

1. Picking up a loan/grant certificate (including Out of Province)
2. Taking your MSFAA to a designated Canada Post
3. Obtaining your OAN
4. Having your password reset to gain access to the OSAP website

1. One piece of valid photo ID issued in Canada by the federal, or a provincial or territorial, government (a legible photocopy is acceptable).

  • Examples:  a valid driver’s license, passport, provincial health card with photo, Ontario photo ID card, permanent residency or citizenship card, etc.

2. One document proving that the Social Insurance Number is your own.

Examples:  your Social Insurance Number card (a legible photocopy is acceptable) or an official Government of Canada document that indicates your Social Insurance Number (e.g., a Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment, a Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions, or a Confirmation of Social Insurance Number from Service Canada).

The combination of these two pieces of identification must include your photo, your name, your address and your Social Insurance Number.

No SIN Card?

If your SIN card has been lost or stolen contact HRDC to request a replacement card. Find out how at  Service Canada.


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