Third-Party Release Form

You can now sign an electronic copy of the Third Party Release form through your Carleton 360 account. The new electronic form allows you to submit a Third Party Release for multiple offices without needing to complete separate paper copies.

How to Authorize a Third-Party Release

  1. Login to Carleton 360 with your MC1 credentials.
  2. Click “Third Party Release” on the left hand side and select “Create New Undergraduate Third Party Release”.
  3. Fill in all of the mandatory fields, and choose the information that you would like your third party to be able to access. Ensure your third party knows the answer to your validation question.
  4. After you hit the submit button, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to your Carleton University email account.

Note: you can only grant third party authorization for one year at a time. Each academic year you must submit a new request through Carleton 360. You’ll receive a reminder email before your authorization expires.